Saturday, May 23, 2015


So here's a quick post.
I took this photo yesterday as I was leaving for work.
My daisies that border my driveway have decided to bloom at all the same time!
Daisies never fail to make me happy.
Then as I was about to get into my vehicle, I noticed my roses are starting to bloom too!
Poor things, struggling to get some sun.
Eventually they will rise above and the daisies will fade and my other perennials will pop up too.
Today and tomorrow, I work.
My kennel girl is suppose to return from her vacation in time to work Monday.
(Fingers crossed, LOL!)
So this weekend, in between working at the clinic, I plan to work in the yard a bit.
Have to mow the grass and tackle some tall weeds.
The Lowes ad announced that hanging baskets are only $5.00!
and their good potting soil, that is usually $3.68, is on sale for 4 for $10.00!
So I'll be hitting Lowes on my way home after work.
And I still have some fence posts to put up, so gotta dig some holes and get that done.
AND I have some paintings that I started and need to get done too,
but other than that, I don't really have anything else planned.
Do you have any special plans?
I better get going! 
Have a Good Weekend!


CheerfulMonk said...

It sounds as if your weekend is full! And part of it will be satisfying. I'll mostly write a couple of posts (writing every day keeps me on my toes), continue straightening up the apartment, and watching some fun TV programs via Netflix while I bounce on my jogging trampoline. I love my life --- plenty to do an little pressure.

tammy j said...

your daisies are so beautiful!
and the bright little rose buds coming up through... oh my.
remember what meg ryan said in you've got mail...
"daisies are the friendliest flower!" i always loved that.
i'm sitting here in heavenly cool.
a tornado is headed toward okc.
the marine is in a meeting there.
hoping he gets home okay.
spring on the prairie continues.

Cynthia Myers said...

Your plans sound much better!
and I love reading that you love your life! I'm working to get there too!
(I don't hate mine though, I love parts but... oh, you know what I mean! LOL!)
Have fun!

Cynthia Myers said...

Oh Tammy,
You've Got Mail, god I love that movie.
I've played it so many times that sometimes when I have it on while I'm painting something, I will find myself saying the lines out loud. It just makes me happy but of course I ALWAYS cry at the ending.
Oh no! Another tornado? I seriously don't know how you can stand it!
I will be sending good thoughts and I will FOCUS on the marine's making it home safely.

tammy j said...

he made it home. took him longer though than usual. flooding.
tornado weakened and fizzled before the city... but torrential rains caused flash floods.
it's still raining!
and YES to i've got mail.
i know all the lines by heart too!

Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you for letting me know.
I focused very hard on it! LOL!
See, it works!

Christer. said...

I like daisies but had way too many for a while, so I weeded them out. It isn't often one is especially successful in that but now I have too few left :-)

What a cute new dog You have :-) I got Sune for just the same reason, the old ones tried to keep up with her and that just wore them out :-)

Have a great day!

Cynthia Myers said...

I used to have daisies all over my front yard until I dug them up and put down grass seed. They are still popping up in the driveway. LOL!
I even had a stranger stop and ask for some and he traded me some hostas.
Now I have hostas everywhere!
I've been transplanting both the hostas and daisies to my backyard "hill" in hopes that they will choke out the weeds.

Thank you about Evie! She's fit in perfectly. Jimmy loves her and Ping plays with her non-stop.
I'm really lucky that it worked out so well!
Thanks for commenting!

Doreen@househoneys said...

We took our first RV trip, and I lived to tell the tale ;).

Hope you didn't have to work today!

Cynthia Myers said...

I can't hardly wait to read about the trip!
I hope you had a lot of fun.
I didn't work today, I ran a few errands, did some laundry and now I feel my throat is getting sore and I ache all over.
I'm thinking healthy thoughts right now!
Thanks for commenting.

leslie said...

tammy j beat me to my line. well, of course she did.

Cynthia Myers said...

LOL! of course she did!
I think we all think the exact things sometimes!
That's why we are such good blogger friends.