Friday, June 17, 2011


Here's my tip for today.Be nice to people.
That's it.
Be nice, be pleasant and smile.
Example: The other night my sister called me about an unadvertised 50% off everything sale at a place where she gets some of her flowers. I stopped out and picked up some nice things and then decided to go back the next day on my day off.
But then I thought I would first run out to the garden center that I usually go to.
The manager there had told the women to mark down and get rid of all the overstock. They were dragging out racks of things. I was laughing and joking with one of the ladies about how I was glad to help them get rid of some it. She helped me wheel up my cart full of $6.00 Arborvitaes to the front.
(I'll be using those to block out my neighbor's yard). I picked up some $1.00 geraniums and couple of $3.00 hanging baskets!
So I got home and surveyed my yard.
I REALLY needed some more geraniums.
So back I went.
As I was milling around, putting geraniums in my cart and moving wilted things around to get to some annuals, the same woman came up to me. She asked if I hadn't been there earlier and I laughed and said YES. So she points at this huge metal cart thing, the type they load lumber on and said - "The manager said to get rid of as much as possible,so he OK'd it that you can load up that cart as full as you can for $30.00!"
I thought I might faint.
So then she said, "Let's grab the most expensive stuff and make it worth your while!"
So I got TWO rose "trees",
Two Hydrangeas, Two little Arborvitaes and a BIG one with the tip top broken off (but easily pruned off) Three hangings baskets,
a Lilac bush, MORE geraniums. TWO pots of annuals and....I might be forgetting something but...............
that I was almost TREMBLING with EXCITEMENT!
I'll never have to buy another flower or plant again!
(But I probably will!)
But back to my TIP.
There were other people milling around and I noticed that she wasn't telling everyone.
I truly believe it was because I had been pleasant and joked and laughed with her earlier.
So it PAYS to be NICE.


sassypackrat said...

A true example of good karma! Boy did you get your share! Congrats on the amazing amount of plants. I can't wait to see photos of what you do with them! ;0)

Abi said...

A fine RESULT! Lucky you :O)

Anonymous said...

So true! Laughing and joking helps a lot! I´m a bit envious now because that never would happen over here, no matter how nice I would be :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Gillian said...

Your reward was from just being a nice person. Not being a nice person to get something (which isn't nice at all when you think about it).

Yay you. : )