Thursday, June 23, 2011

Update on No TV, Laundry and Breakfast.

OK, So here's my update on No TV all summer.
I lasted 2 weeks. Everything was going along fine and then after 2 weeks, on a Wednesday night when I had no motivation and I just wanted to be lazy and I KNEW that a Modern Family Rerun would be on....well, I almost resisted but then a friend called and mentioned that the new season of "Rookie Blue" was starting next week. (which is now tonight). I said that I was surprised that it would start in the summer but she was sure. So if I was going to break my TV ban, well I might as well as do it right then.

But the 2 week ban was helpful. Kinda like when you eat SO much junk (like during the Holiday season) and then decide to STOP and try to get a grip and eat healthy and watch the calories and nutrition and all that stuff. Sure I fall off that wagon too, but at least it got me to STOP and cut back.
Then there's the whole FRUGAL laundry line thing. That lasted even less time. Now I'm not saying that I won't use it at all but....
this is what happened. I hung a load of "dog" towels out on the line and forgot to bring them in. Of course it rained HARD that night and the towels were hanging heavy and wet. The weight of them pulled the line down and the bottoms of the towels were touching the ground and mud had splattered up onto them. Meanwhile, I had another load wet in the washer and one waiting to be washed.
So, I HAD to use the dryer!
(uh, yeah...that's NOT me, maybe in my mind but not in the mirror)

Now it seems like every day it's either so hot and humid that nothing wanted to dry or
it's raining.....AARRGGHHH!!!!!!
And finally, the healthy oatmeal and fruit breakfast?
Um....I never started that. I still had some Poptarts to finish off and then there was frozen waffles that I was afraid would get freezer burn and then there was the day I was running late and went through the drive-through and discovered that I LOVE iced coffee.
So much so that I DID go get stuff to make iced coffee at home (meaning I bought 1/2 and 1/2 cream).
Sorry, I really do have good intentions. I BELIEVE that I am actually going to do this stuff and then............
Oh well.
I am now going to walk upstairs with my head hung low and organize my art/spare room like I've been planning....................
or maybe I'll go outside and work in the garden!


sassypackrat said...

Hey your intentions were good! That's what's important!
Save the oatmeal thing for winter when you want something warm and comforting.
There are too many good summer shows so what can you do?
And the drying outside thing...I didn't think that one would work...requires too much physical energy and you have to remember they are out there, plus well dryer were invented so we wouldn't have to do things like that. I commend you for trying it!

Anonymous said...

But You can look at it this way too! You have such good finances that You can afford using the dryer and the tv as much as You like :-)

The breakfast is easier for me since I can´t eat those things early in the morning. Unfortunately I have no problems eating them the rest of the day and lots of it too :-) :-) :-)

have a great day!

Cindy said...

Aww...bless your heart, once you get started on that breakfast of champions you may love it so much that you never go back to junk. I eat a really good bran cereal and I don't want anything else other than that.
As for the tv, thank goodness I don't have one, or I would have a problem with it, and between it and the computer, I would sit on my rear all day long. Instead, I do go for a good walk every other day at least.
And nutrition, well...I normally fix really nutritious meals for my husband and myself, but he had to go to work at three today, so I fixed my supper and ate it alone...I had nachos! Not much goodness in that!!! I had four cookies for dessert, too.
Maybe I should be hanging my head in shame, too.
But hey! Tomorrow is another day, you could start all over on all of them if you really wanted to:D

Robin Kent said...

So nice to hear about others with the same issues. The one thing that works for me, especially during the summer, is I eat as much fruit- mostly berries- as I want. And that can be a lot. It gives me power to ignore the cookies after that. Next step is portion control!

Mundo Mundaca said...

I think it's commendable effort to change their habits.
but if you can not do not worry .. what matters is that you're a person conscious of its limitations .. and that is to be human
. do what makes you happy and everything will be fine forever.