Friday, June 24, 2011


My TIP today is to always carry a pocket calculator. I got one for $1.00 in the Dollar Section at Target.
I have it at the ready when someone tells me what a great bargain something is or when I run across a Special Buy.
Example: the other day I was looking at canned cat food.
One would think that it just makes sense to buy a case of 12 or 24 instead of individually. But according to my trusty calculator. Nope. Usually the same price, if not more..
Another TIP, sometimes the Dollar Stores have GREAT savings!
Example: I tend to break all my hand mirrors. At big chain-stores they run about $6-7.00!
You can find the same thing for a $1.00

LAST TIP. Sometimes my favorite chain-store will have dog food or cat litter on sale where I can save $2.00 or $3.00. But I don't REALLY save anything because I find COOL things that I want to get or have to have. So, I run in for a bargain and leave with a couple of extra bags. So for ME, it would be cheaper to pay a little bit extra and go to the grocery store and get it.
I HATE the grocery store near my house. I park at the side of the building, go in through the liquor store door, whiz around the aisles and grab what I need and head right back out.
Let's just say that this particular store draws a strange eclectic crowd and the cashiers are rude. So I don't tend to over-spend.
Oh, Hey! That's another TIP! sort of.
So do any of YOU have any tips for this week?



Anonymous said...

Thankfully calculating in my head is one of the things I do best, so I don´t need a calculator (and I´ve worked in stores so I know how they often makes things more expensive if You buy a big pack.

Going to a grocery store You really don´t like does save some money :-) :-)One should also always calculate how much the petrol costs if one drives to another store that might save some money on what You buy. But then again, Your petrol is so cheap so You´ll have to drive very far to not save money.

Have a great day!

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

I don't browse the grocery store...I hit the vegetables....on to milk over to frozen food and out the door. If I go up and down the isles..I'll find stuff to try that I don't need.

I thought of you today...I hit the local Ace hardware store where plants were 75% off. They were in really bad shape much of them burnt up because its been so hot and dry here. But I got a huge fern....for $5. It's like a boston fern but much bigger and the fronds are leathery. Not sure what it is exactly but I've been wanting one every year but always too expensive. It just needed a trim of all the dead fronds and I'm sure it will look great in a month. Bought a few other small plants for a container I'm trying to fill.

You are so right about paying a little more to buy at the grocery store because if you go in'll come out with more than what you went in for.

Robin Kent said...

Love the piggy bank with a band aid. Why didn't I think of that? We're lucky enough to use the farmers markers here in Vermont. Just the essentials helps keep you away from the non-.

Mundo Mundaca said...

I need lots of tips on how to make money .why am I spending money expert.
Money can not buy happiness .. but buys everything else .. ahahaha
yasmin :)