Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday Denise!

(this video made MY dogs HOWL! LOL!)

I just found out that Denise's birthday was the other day!
She runs a Schnauzer Rescue, is a fantastic artist, likes to collect vintage and I adore her!
Stop over to her blog!


denise said...

I LOVE IT!!! Where do you find these things? I will be smiling all day. What a riot. love it love it love it. Thanks Cindi, you're a doll!!

yoborobo said...

I love the name of her blog! LOL! Happy birthday, Denise!

denise said...

Thanks Yoborobo!

The blog name came during a very stressful, "Denise's head would spin like in 'The Exorcist'" time in my life. My boyfriend actually came up with it one night as we brainstormed and I totally laughed out loud because it was so fitting and knew that had to be it.

Cindy said...

My little brother used to have a dog that sang like that, it started with him singing along to Dolly Parton! Very cute video.