Wednesday, November 4, 2015


I took Blue, Nora and Jimmy with me to work yesterday.
Tuesday are my long days.
My double shift days.
But right now it's the calm before the storm. 
The weekends are still busy, people still taking day trips, but mid-week its been a bit slow.
This is good because I'm able to do deep cleaning, rearrange things and toss what is not needed!
Since I didn't have a lot of boarders I decided to bring my dogs along.
I figured that they could all get nail trims and if it stayed slow enough, hopefully baths.
Jimmy and Nora are always good about the baths, but Blue is the best.
He will stand there and silently suffer through it.
The other two tend to jump and twist and turn but Blue is like a rock.
He takes up the whole space in the shower stall so I'm only able to suds up his back and one side and then when I need to do to other side, I will lift up his chin so that he is looking at me and then I take my pointer finger and draw a circle in the air. 
Somehow he's figured out that this gesture means for him to turn around and he does.
I'd like to say it's because of great training on my part or that I read up on it and learned how to handle a deaf dog but it's not that at all.
I never read a thing.
I just always went with the flow of what seemed natural to do and he just gets it.
It's always been him.
He knows.
He just "listens" to me better than all the others.
This not to imply that he does these things happily.
In fact he wasn't happy about the bath experience at all.
Afterwards he gave me the "sad eyes" look.

Which turned into the "evil eye" look

Which finally became the "forget you" look

And then into the cold shoulder "I choose to ignore you" look.



Hartwood Roses said...

Poor Blue!

I saw the title of this post in my feed earlier today, and that reminded me that it should be Ruby's bath day. I do it outside on the deck, with warm water from the kitchen sink. It's 72 degrees outside (awesomely unseasonably warm) and I figured that this may be my last chance before winter.

Vicki said...

Blue is awesome!!! I adore him from afar. Such beautiful, expressive eyes.

When there is a strong bond between a human and an animal, unspoken communication is natural, and so wonderful to experience.
Jack was switched on to every little movement and manoeuvre of mine, and we worked in tandem, always.
Now his sight is completely gone, along with his hearing. My darling boy lives in a very dark, silent world, and I so feel for him.
So, that leaves touch. Our vital form of communication. It's even more important for him now to be in constant contact with me to reassure him.
That, and smell... I always know where he is by his "old man farts", lol.

Cindi Myers said...

Yes! Yesterday it was in the mid 70's here so I thought the same thing!
This might be the last time to give a bath before it's cold outside.
I'm lucky because we have a shower stall to bath the dogs in and it makes it super convenient. But I still don't like to bath them and then have them go out to potty if it's super cold outside.

Cindi Myers said...

I have to agree, he's pretty awesome!
I agree about the unspoken communication but I really wish we could actually talk.
Tonight Blue didn't want to eat (very unusual for him) and he's making this soft sound. Kinda like a deep hum. Then he went outside to potty and his stool is very loose. I'm keeping a close eye on him and I'm taking him to work with me in the morning even if he's better.
I want to keep an eye on him throughout the day
and also have Doc take a quick look at him.
So many times I get irritated with work problems but I thank god that I'm able to just run him in with me and for me to be around him as much as I want.
(Yep, need to hang onto the job for now!)
I wish so bad that he could just tell me what the problem is. I'm thinking it might be his tummy and pray it's not pancreatitis again.
My heart goes out to your Jack. Poor old boy, Blue has done so well without hearing but to think of losing sight too. So so sad. Thank god Jack has a wonderful mom that's so caring and so attentive.
Jack must feel so safe and calm having you touch and guide him through his world.
And maybe he's sending out his farts like puffs of smelly love!

Vicki said...

I'll be thinking of your Blue and wishing all's well for him.
You are indeed fortunate to have people you can trust to help him. Small blessings.

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you Vicki.

And yes I am fortunate.
I also ask a million questions and hover over him constantly and all those who care for him at the clinic.
I trust them but I ask everyone for input.
And... I might be a tad bit "assertive".
Everyone there knows what he means to me
and I'm not afraid to get in the way.

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Oh Blue is so adorable. Love the looks and the cold shoulder. Anyone who has ever shared their home with an older dog knows all those looks only too well.

tammy j said...

just reading this and thinking of blue and jack...
how can i feel such love? i've never even seen either one of them.
but I do.
i'm so glad you work where you can find out if anything's wrong quickly.
i heard on national news last night that dogs are getting sick and dying because they're eating that artificial sweetner... xyilitol
i bet i spelled that wrong. i don't eat any of those 'sweetners.'
they said it's commonly used in chewing gum but they're putting it into lots of foods now as well. and for us to read labels carefully.
it's lethal to dogs.
and i doubt it's any good for us either.
i felt so sad for the woman who had lost her lab. but grateful for the warning. nobody knew how bad it is apparently.
keep us posted on our darling blue.

Doreen@househoneys said...

Lol! You've got Blue's expressions down pat Cindi! He's hysterical! This post just cracked me up! What is it with dogs and baths? I've got more than a couple of pictures of Charlie (my granddog) with super sad eyes too. If it wasn't so funny, it would be sad...but nah, it's totally funny,

Cindi Myers said...

Yes! Blue definitely has that look down pat.
Giving me the guilties.
Such a sad face. Now I'm wondering if it wasn't partly because he didn't feel good.

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you Tammy!
I know Blue loves you too!
Yes, I knew about that sweetener.
I don't chew gum but once on a whim I bought a pack and I kept it zippered up inside that pocket in my purse.
I was so paranoid about it that I finally just threw it out.
(In the outside garbage can!)
It is deadly.

Blue (and me) had a rough night.
He kept making this low humming sound.
He wouldn't eat, not even a slice of bread, which usually he'd gulp down.
His upper sides of his chest was quivering.
He woke in the middle of the night and I let him outside and he only peed.
I had terrible nightmares after that.
This morning I loaded him up into the van and he couldn't pull himself in and I had to lift his butt up and in.
When we got to work, they took his temp. and drew blood and he did NOT have pancreatitus, thank god.
Then they took an X-ray.
There were a couple of opaque objects in his belly but they weren't blocking his intestines.
The Dr. ordered 2 different shots and some pills and special canned food, which he did gobble down.
Dr. said that hopefully the food will move the objects through.
After much thought, I think they might be pebbles.
I'll post later why I think that.

Cindi Myers said...

Yes, those sad eyes are adorable
AND funny!
I'd love to see photos of Charlie after a bath!
(or any time actually, I just love dog photos!)

Vicki said...

Pebbles? Please post to let us know how he's doing.
When I read back to see that he - and you - had a rough night and he was rushed to x-rays, my stomach lurched. Not poor Blue...

I may not respond straight away - time differences and preparing for a market tomorrow, BUT, I will come back to read how he (and you) are doing.
You're both in my thoughts today...
Gentle hugs xxxxx

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Whatta cutie!! I have to say I recognize that blue-eyed look because I got it from Charlie (who has one blue eye) today when he went to the groomers. He won't admit it, but he does feel better, and I'll bet your handsome boy does too!!

And you're right, they just know what to do sometimes, don't they?

Cindi Myers said...

Sorry to leave you hanging.
Yesterday was such an intense day with Blue not feeling well
and some other stuff going on at work.
I was terrified when he wouldn't eat and barely wanted to move.
When I took him out to the van he put his front feet on the seat put couldn't lift his hind end.
i had to lift him in and although he's at his lowest weight (139lbs) it's not the easiest thing to do.
When I got him to work, they ran some test including bloodwork and it all look good,
so they took X-rays and he had something in his belly.
Luckily it's small enough they think it should eventually "pass" through and not cause a blockage.
I saw the X-rays and then I remembered that the other day I was rearranging my Art/Craft room and I moved a small bag of pebbles that I had (for a project I just never got to) and when I came home the bag had been pulled down and broken open.
(most likely by Jimmy :( )
At the time I remember thinking that I hoped no one eat any and then I dismissed it because who would eat pebbles?
Now I'm thinking Blue must have slurped up a couple before realizing it wasn't a treat.
I'm about 95% sure it's got to be that because I can't think of any other possibility.
But today he got up with a spring in his step again and ready for breakfast!
Thank God because I'd be lost without him.
thank you for your well wishes and concern. It means so much to me!

Cindi Myers said...

I totally agree that they act like they hate it but then afterwards seem to feel so much better!
and yes, they really are great at reading us. Most likely better than we are at reading them.
Thanks for commenting!

CheerfulMonk said...

What a sweet boy! And what expressive pictures. :)

Vicki said...

OK, I'm back from the market and hopped straight on to the computer to your blog...
I held my breath as I read your comment, then... sighed. Phew. I'm SO happy to read he has a spring in his rather large step :)
Check his poop the next day or so... erm, with a stick before you pick it up with a baggie - it's what I'd do. Hopefully, the pebbles you suspect will be in there, somewhere, erk, and the mystery solved.

Keep us posted.

Hugs to you and big, beautiful Blue.

And... naughty Jimmy, he gave us all nightmares for a while!!
No more pullin' down bags, wee Jimmy.

Cindi Myers said...

He is a sweetheart.
Best dog ever.
It's easy to get good photos of him!
Thank you!

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you, thank you for your concerns, prayers, healing thoughts.
He is doing A LOT better this AM.
So far, er, um nothing is "there" but the Dr. said it could sit in his belly for a while!
But he's looking at me right now, waiting on breakfast!
That is good!
and Jimmy, sigh.
I suppose it's really my fault and not his.
Yep, I'm going to be getting rid of more things this weekend!
Thank you again!

Vicki said...

Christer. said...

He looks so miserable :-) Orvar did that during the bath but as soon as it was over he looked as happy as ever :-)

Have a great day!

Cindi Myers said...

I would have thought Orvar would have liked being wet, considering his breed.
He was such a great dog.
Yes, they know how to make us feel guilty even when we are doing it for their own good!