Saturday, November 21, 2015


This morning -
(My apple tree)

The back yard dog area -
Blue clearing a path for Ping -
And then Blue hurried back to the door, leaving Ping by herself!
But Ping didn't dilly dally.
She was quickly behind him, running to get back inside.

None of us are too happy about this latest development.


At Rivercrest Cottage said...

whoa...looks like you guys really got hit. Must be hard with all your pets. Snow looks lovely when you don't have to trug through it several times per day!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I understand how you're feeling -- I know our turn will come soon enough! Take care, stay warm! :-)

tammy j said...

oh my goodness!
a little fur person could get totally lost out there!
why does mother nature feel she has to always over achieve?
she's kind of a drama queen i'm thinking.
it's bitterly cold and windy here but not a drop of moisture.
stay warm. and WELL. and eat comfort food. hang all diets!
do you have a snow shovel... so you could just make a little area for them to go? that is until the next ton is dumped on you? oh aaagggh!

Cindi Myers said...

We did get quite a lot for a week before Thanksgiving!
I'm just glad it hit overnight and the next day was Saturday.
One of my kennel girls who lives close, worked.
It's suppose to stay cold (currently 7 degrees) but then on Thanksgiving it's suppose to be in the 50's.
Fingers crossed!

Cindi Myers said...

YOU totally understand with your crew!
All those Golden "feathers" to dry out. LOL!
and Yes, it's just the beginning of winter for us all.
Oh well!

Cindi Myers said...

Don't worry! The house is stocked with comfort food!
and the dog area looks much different now.
That photo was the first time they ran out there.
It is now cleared a bit but mostly stomped down by them all.
It doesn't take long for them to smoosh it and poop on it!
Ugh. yeah not so pretty now.

Doreen@househoneys said...

Wow! I don't envy you, but it does look pretty :). Stay warm and get the fire going and cuddle with those fur babies.


Christer. said...

You have both a lot of snow and lower temperatures than we have! I'm sorry for You but happy for me :-) Tonight will be really cold though but Tuesday will be warmer and above 32F again.

Have a great day!


Cindi Myers said...

Yes, it is pretty... for about 5 minutes! LOL!
I don't have a fireplace but I can fire up the oven and make some cookies!
:) :) :)
Yep, gonna do that and snuggle with the critters.

Cindi Myers said...

Yes! I saw that you are warmer where you are.
Funny because most people would probably think Sweden would be colder than the Midwest.
Mid-week we are supposed to get warmer weather.
I wish I could stay inside until then! LOL!
Oh well!
Thanks for stopping by!

susan said...

Isn't it amazing how quickly the seasons change? Two weeks ago I was sitting on the deck reading, wrapped in a sweater and tonight it's going down into the 20s - brrr!
I also just read your post about Tammy and your Dad - it made me cry. I found her a month or two ago and I love reading what she has to say - what a beautiful soul. And what you wrote about her was just lovely.
Have a beautiful day.

Cindi Myers said...

I know, it's crazy how quickly the weather can change.
Although I know it's coming, I'm never ready for the snow.
Sorry that the post with Tammy and my Dad made you cry.
Tammy has truly been a godsend for me.
She is very special and a truly beautiful soul as you say and sadly that is hard to find.
Thank you! and I hope you have a great day too!

Janneke said...

So much snow already.......brrrr, I don't like it, no that's not true, I love it the first day when snow is still virgin white but after the first beautiful white impressions I can really do without. I understand your furry friends don't like the snow either. My Snarf loves it, he should like to have much more snow than we actually have here in our country. There are years we don't get any snow, and years we get a thick layer of snow, we'll wait and see...
Have a great week with your friends.

Vicki said...

First, ignore my (never snows here) Aussie excitement, but... WOW! So pretty!!
I hope the weather settles into a "normal" winter pattern for you there soon, and that you and your beautiful fur crew stay warm and cosy... and safe.
Please take care on the icy roads, Cindi.

CheerfulMonk said...

What gorgeous pictures! I'm glad you took them right away.

I like snow better in pictures than as something I have to go out in. :)

Cindi Myers said...

I like it when it's a thin white layer, and like you say, untouched.
But then stomping through it and shoveling....Grrr, I hate it.
And mostly, I worry about my vehicle starting.

Nora is fine with it, but she's fine with all kinds of weather!
She just wants to run after a stick or a ball and then she's happy!
Thanks for commenting!

Cindi Myers said...

Maybe someday I will like it.
Some day when I don't have to go out into it.
But now, not so much! LOL!
Luckily no icy roads right now but on Thanksgiving it's supposed to warm up and rain.
If it's true rain, that's ok I guess but I hate icy slick rain more than snow!
Fingers crossed!

I hope you are taking your of yourself while preparing for the Christmas market! I can't hardly wait to see more of your creations.

Cindi Myers said...

I so agree!
Pictures are much better than reality!