Sunday, November 8, 2015


OK, let's try this again.
Although it has become kinda of a mute point, seeings how Blue is now doing well.
But I did have some cute photos of Jimmy AND there's a part of me that just wants to fix this darn post!
At first I couldn't load my photos.
Then the post didn't post, just the header I guess.
But some people got just the words of the post in an email.
Jeez, I have no idea what was going on.
Now I think maybe it was a blogger problem because when I went back and read this morning's post
I noticed that the font was all wonky.
So of it was big and some small and while I was super tired and had not had my coffee...
I don't think I did that.
I'm thinking something was/is up with blogger.
SO, here's my final effort for my post entitled -
I just thought some fans of Jimmy Chew would like to see how his guilty little face gives him away every time!
OK, here it goes! I hope this posts as it should. (Fingers crossed.)
* and Thanks again for all the kind words and concern over my boy Blue*

Wednesday night Blue didn't want to eat.
That is NOT normal.
Then he started making a deep "humming" noise.
A couple of times he made a little gagging noise and then back to the humming.
I felt his belly. It wasn't swollen or hard.
If it had been, I would have loaded him up and driven like a bat out of Hell to get him help.
A swollen hard belly accompanied by drooling, pacing and the inability to get comfortable are all signs of bloat.
Dogs very rarely survive bloat.
But nevertheless, I spent most of the  evening just staring at him and trying to get him to eat some bread or just poking his tummy.
He finally hid under the kitchen table, to get away from me.
Sometimes his upper body trembled and wouldn't stop when I stroked his coat.
He went outside and had a loose stool.
I Googled all his symptoms and posted them on Facebook as most of the vet techs that I know and one of the doctors, follow me on there.
Everyone seemed to think he was just having an "off" night and most likely be better in the morning.
So he and I had a restless night and he had to go outside once at about 2:30 am.
In the morning he was sluggish and still would not eat.
I took him and Nora and Jimmy to work.
He didn't have the strength to pull himself up onto the van seat so I had pick up his hind end and shove him in.
I strapped the seatbelt over him and the other two bounced happily in the back.
When I got to work I went in said that I knew it was surgery day but - these were his symptoms.
Then I said that this was THE reason I worked there and that someone needed to look at him ASAP.
They took his temperature right away, drew blood and ran several tests and...
found nothing.
That's when we decided to do an X-Ray.
I knew something was really wrong when we lifted him to the table and he just laid there without moving.
As they positioned him I held his head. The vet techs remarked how good he was and I said that I really worried because he had to feel horrible if he didn't move at all.
So the X-rays showed some opaque objects in his stomach.
I had no clue what it could be.
They gave him some injections for pain and some pills for the loose stools and special canned food.
The vet said that whatever it was could remain in his belly for sometime but they were small enough that they should eventually pass.
Thankfully he's so big that it should TRAVEL out...
I kept running through my mind what he could have gotten into.
He's just not the type of dog to eat things he shouldn't.
Then it dawned on me.
Last week I was going through things in the spare bedroom where Blue, Nora and Jimmy stay during the day while I'm at work.
I had a big retro shelving unit in there that I cleared off and took to my booth.
I had a lot of art/craft stuff on those shelves and I suddenly remembered how I had moved a bag of little pebbles that I had bought at the dollar store.
I had gotten them to use in my little fairy garden (and of course, never did).
After I had moved them, I came home to find the bag off the top of the dresser where I had placed it and ripped apart and scattered all over the floor and over the bed they sleep on.
I had gathered them up and for a moment worried about the dogs possibly eating some.
But then I thought NO, they wouldn't eat rocks!
The pebbles were small dime-sized in brown, tan and white colors.
Now I suddenly I thought 
What if Blue just slurped some up?
I went to the vet and told him about the pebbles and he said - Yep! That could be it!
I was very irritated that someone had gotten those pebbles off the dresser and made Blue so sick.
OK. I hate to blame anyone when I can't be sure but...
I'm betting it was Jimmy Chew!
Later in the afternoon Blue started to perk up.
He wasn't a 100 % but he was much better than before.
I took all three dogs out to the play yard.-

Hey Jimmy! Come here!

Blue isn't feeling good.

He slurped up some pebbles.

Do you know who ripped open that bag?   

Jimmy? Jimmy? Was it you?

I think it was.

And Nora? No, I doubt that it was Nora.

She doesn't care.

She's busy looking for sticks.

Yep, she's just happy with her stick.

I might be joking now... but I tell ya.
I was a basket case.
Truly, I hate loving anyone this much.


tammy j said...

oh cindi.
those pictures of jimmy chew looking so guilty.
they were worth waiting for! LOLOL!
i'm SO GLAD blue is better now.
those scares age us. they age me and i'm not even there!

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

I'm glad he is okay now. You turn your back on them one minute and they are into something. I'm glad there was nothing dangerous that he consumed. I empathize, because it happened here last week, but at least he didn't get sick, because he ate peanut candy and only licked lollypops. xoxo Su

Anonymous said...

That jimmy is something else, isn't he?! Never a dull moment at your place, but ya' gotta love em ;).


P.S. Thanks so much for your sweet comment about my Spotlight post! You're such a doll!

Vicki said...

Oh Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy...
It's like having a three year old in the home - everything needs to be seen from their eye level and perspective. And be removed from their grasp. It's harrowing, but necessary to move every little thing far out of reach.

Poor Blue, he looks uneasy, poor boy.
I hope he passes those pebbles real soon.

That first photo - one could make up some interesting commentary just on how Blue is looking Jimmy's way, and Jimmy skirting past him, avoiding his gaze. Oh dear.

Yes, loving someone as hard as this grips our hearts in the most wonderful, and painful, way.


Janneke said...

Glad Blue is not sick anymore and the photos of Jimmy how she is looking, priceless.
Love seeing the running Nora, she is so active, like Snarf.

Cindi Myers said...

I'm sorry to stress you!
I know, it's so hard to keep it together when he's not well.
Thank god he's acting fine now.
It probably gave me a few more greys!
Not sure since I colored it again! LOL!
Thank you for the well wishes and positive energy you sent him!

Cindi Myers said...

Oh Su!
You are so right!
I think something is placed high enough and somehow SOMEONE still gets into things. :(
So glad to read that your little one wasn't ill from it.
It's just so scary.

Cindi Myers said...

You are coming up as Anonymous!

Yes, never a dull moment. I could certainly use some DULLNESS!
I loved that Spotlight post!
You are so fun and fascinating!

Cindi Myers said...

Yes, a three year old! :(
I have no idea when he will grow out of this.
Jimmy is 7, and will turn 8 in March... put shows no signs of slowing down.
I agree, the photos tell the story.
I was actually saying those words at the time too.
I haven't seen any pebbles yet but his appetite is strong again!

Yes, you know all too well how much it hurts to love them like we do.
We just have to cherish every moment.
Thank you again for EVERYTHING!

Cindi Myers said...

Yes thank goodness Blue is better.
Yeah, Jimmy is...priceless! LOL!
Nora is super active. She loves to run like your Snarf!
I look forward to reading more of your blog.
Thanks for commenting!

Vicki said...

Jimmy may well stay a "naughty three old" for quite some time to come.. perhaps til the end of his days, or until he can no longer jump, or he loses all his teeth.
Do you have a "locked room" that you can store stuff in, out of harms, errr, Jimmy's, way?
Or, build higher shelving...

One thing's for sure, life is never dull at your place. Wish I could visit to watch your fur crew in action!

Hugs to darling Blue - and you too, of course :D

Cindi Myers said...

Yes, you might be right.
A few years ago I saw a dog at the clinic that looked like Jimmy.
He was old and mellow.
I asked his owner how old he was and she had said 12.
I told her I had a dog that looked like him but he wasn't calm like hers but very rowdy.
She said her dog had been like that and I asked when did he mellow out and she smiled and said - a year ago.

LOL! yeah, and nope. No locked rooms here. it's small.
But once again I'm motivated to get rid of more STUFF.
I do have items in drawers though.
I actually got a huge chest of drawers at an estate sale a while back just so that I'd have a place to keep things "safe".
Sigh, someday I will have everything organized and safe.
And I just might rearrange again....
Gotta think about this some more.
Yep, never very dull here!
Thanks though!
Blue sends out a big hug, and me too!
Are x's the hugs or O's? I need to Google that! LOL!

Cindi Myers said...

Vicki -

CheerfulMonk said...

I worry about Blue too. It's cruel that dogs' lifespans are so much shorter than ours.

Cindi Myers said...

I know :(
I hate that he's getting older.
He will actually be 10 tomorrow!
Which is sadly a very ripe old age for a Dane.
But we won't think of that today!
Thank you for caring about him.

Christer. said...

Yes dogs eat the most odd things, eventhe dogs that "never" does that :-) I once had a dog who suddenly started to poop out pearls! :-) My first thought was that she will make me rich :-) but then buttons started to come out as well. It turns out that she had found my mothers button box and in there she also had a fake pearl neckless :-)

I'm glad Blue is better :-)

Have a great day!

Cindi Myers said...

That is SO fun!
Not about her eating and pooping it out but
the part about making you rich! LOL!
and Thank you!
I'm glad he's better too.