Wednesday, November 11, 2015


I can't believe how well Blue is doing!
Here are two quick videos of him from yesterday.
Both are less than 15 seconds.
In the first one you can hear Blue.
He always sounds like a Lion.
He's not ROARING but he still has that Lion growl.
It's a playful growl of excitement at Jimmy who is just off camera.

The second video,
please ignore my voice. Ugh.
And Yes, I call out to Blue even though he can't hear me.
I normally do a lot of "motions" with him but I do talk to him too.
And you'll see a second of Jimmy and Nora.


Doreen@househoneys said...

What do you mean 'ugh'? You have a lovely voice!

So happy to see your baby is doing better Cindi. I know it must be a weight off your shoulders.

Vicki said...

Awwwww, he LOVES you so much!!! It's plain to see. That awesomely handsome face and those eyes...
I thought I was smitten with him before... now, I'm besotted!
What a gorgeous big boy he is. I adore him... psst, don't tell my boy Jack, oh dear.

I love his growl. He sounds like the beginning of the MGM studios lion, he really does, I swear.

Sooo good to see him looking so spry. I'm breathing a huge sigh of relief.

And there's wee Jimmy! Can't stay mad at the little rascal though. What a cutie!
And pretty Nora, she just loves to bound around and have fun!

Sigh. I love your fur crew, you know I do.

Lesley UK said...

So pleased Blue is feeling better. He looks like quite a character!

Doreen@househoneys said...

Hi Cindi! I commented last night but I don't see it :(. Good thing the tab was still open on my iPad.

So glad your baby is better! I'm sure you are too :)


Cindi Myers said...

Thank you!
I always think my voice is too high and kinda childish.
I guess I want to sound like Lauren Bacall did.
But since I don't smoke, I don't think it ever will! LOL!
And YES! The hugest weight ever.
(sorry, I was late posting comments today, I'm kinda under the weather and I'm running slow! LOL!)
But thank you, THANK YOU!

Cindi Myers said...

Yes, Blue is quite the charmer.
Everyone who meets him, has adored him.
Yep, the Love of my Life.
And Jimmy, being Jimmy.
Nora doesn't get the credit she deserves.
She's a beauty and my protector.
She's carefree and happy....unless she needs to not be.
I love this crew too.
Thank you for all your well wishes, it means so much!

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you for commenting!
He is a character all right! LOL!
Thank you. I'm so happy he's better too.

tammy j said...

oh cindi!
he did! he turned when you called his name! i think he heard you in his heart.
everything vicki said so perfectly. for me too.
i love your whole crew.
and it's just how i would think you'd sound.
and now i'll watch these again.
and probably again. often.
they're just too SHORT!!! :)
and he DOES sound just like the MGM lion! amazing!

Cindi Myers said...

He does that sometimes. He will turn towards me although he can't hear me call him. It's kinda weird. But then again I think he might turn because the other dogs are running towards me and he's looking because of that.
I love that you love my crew!
(Instead of thinking me crazy! LOL!)
and thank you about my voice. :) I just think I sound different in my head and to hear it is jarring.
Oh well!
and yep, He is a Lion! LOL!

CheerfulMonk said...

I love the sound of your voice! But I know what you mean, it's so different when we hear a recording. I'm so glad Blue is getting better. Please be careful if you have to lift him again.

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you Jean!
You are right, it sounds nothing like in my head, but thanks!
I'm over the moon happy that Blue is better too.
and I'll be careful as I can about lifting and hopefully I won't have to again!

Christer. said...

So nice to see Blue running and being happy :-)
He reminds me of Orvar so much :-) Orvar moved in the same way but was pitch black instead :-)

Have a great day!


Cindi Myers said...

Thank you Christer!
I'm so happy that he's happy again.
What a nice comparison, Orvar and Blue alike but totally opposite!

Jan said...

I read the other comments and agree with them all. Blue and you are both perfectly perfect, your voices and all. It is so wonderful to see him romp and feel good. Hope you too are feeling rompish.

Cindi Myers said...

LOL! Well, I'll agree about Blue!
I'm not feeling too rompish, but better than before!