Monday, November 23, 2015

Work, Poop, Feeling Tired and Jimmy

This week will be a crazy one.
Today was kinda horrible.
I came in to work to find many of the boarders had accidents and then jumped in and on it.
Yep. An old tiny Aussie was waddling around with poopy dreadlocks hanging off his butt. 
A crazy yellow lab who had jumped and spun in it and an elderly sick corgi mix that smeared it all over the walls of his run.
(I actually have a story about that old guy but I'll save it for another day.)
Yep, lots of fun.
So I had to give baths to them all.
That's my duty, not the groomers.
The groomer only "grooms" her own clients.
She will do my boarders but they must call her and book an appointment.
She has also decided that she's too old and tired to bathe large dogs, rowdy dogs or pitbulls. So if they need just a bath, they have to set it up with me.
I only get 25% so it's not a big money maker for me and I have it set up that the money is directly applied to my account.
I figure if I don't have it in my hand, I won't spend it.
Anyway, the funniest part of this whole thing is...
I'm 5 years older than the groomer!
Oh well!

So tomorrow should be an ok day but Wednesday, my half day at work, I have 22 more boarders coming in between 8 to 11 that morning.
Should be interesting.
So as always, Thanksgiving will be packed to the max as well as the weekend.
That's just the nature of the business.
I can feel my throat feeling sore and I'm kinda achy all over but I'll drink some Alka Seltzer cold medicine and get some sleep and I'll be fine.

I need to get to work on my Art.
I've been doing some sketches but to be honest, yesterday I just cleaned the house and then spent some time online and then sort of crashed.
I was on a roll for a while there, creating paintings, and then I got distracted.
I need to organize my time better and make sure  I squeeze creative time in there someplace or I'll be washing poopy butts forever!

I'll leave you with a couple of photos of Jimmy Chew that I took yesterday.
He actually got exhausted from being his rowdy self and he just crashed too.
Yep, Jimmy Chew and I were feeling the same.






tammy j said...

oh cindi.
those pictures of jimmy chew. what a little love he is.
he reminds me of a little gangster. a street dawg.
he's so cute in his little plaid shirt.
and YOU.
i'm past knowing how i feel about that place where you work.
WHY can't they hire some help for you. it's beyond ridiculous.
and if they can't find anyone... and are going to happily work you to death... they could at the very least give you free vet care for your furries... and they should cancel your debt.
it just makes me so MAD. i can't help it. MAD MAD MAD.
are you going to be the one who goes there on thanksgiving and work?
someone will have to surely.
why don't they just put a bed back there for you?
i know i'm going on here too long. it just seems ridiculous to me.
i know that DOC is not stupid. and i KNOW he has money. THAT is what makes me so upset. i have no respect for him. NONE.
i feel a tiny bit better. LOL. sorry. you can delete this tirade if you want to.
as a matter of fact... here... just delete all but this...
i'm thankful for YOU. and blue and jimmy chew and all your little fur people. i wish i had a zillion dollars. i'd split it with YOU! XOXOXO♥

CheerfulMonk said...

Good luck! What adorable pictures of Jimmy. :)

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Jimmy Chew is such a character it's almost like you have a roommate instead of just another doggy family member.

Re the cold: We take a lot of vitamins daily and we have found when any sign of a cold or throat illness, we take "Easter C" . It's a brand name of a vitamin C pill you can find in any vitamin section of any store. We take maybe 3 of them a day until the cold is past. Try it. The illness will be gone immediately.

denise said...

He's so cute. (good thing, huh?) ;)
and that shirt? tooooo much. I love it!

Cindi Myers said...

PLEASE don't let me raise your BP!
I considered deleting your comment but then I got to thinking that maybe others had the same thought and I wanted to clarify things.
First, most of my life I have had to work Holidays but I actually have THIS Thanksgiving off. Ironically my sister does not. She works at the hospital.
She says that everyone forgets about the people who must work around the clock, police, fire, hospital workers, caretakers, animal caretakers, many restaurants are open....
I work prior and after and well, you know.
My part-time girls want the Holiday shift because Doc pays double time. She also pays for an 8 hour shift for those who have it off. So if I work it, because I'm fulltime, I would be technically only getting paid a regular shift since everyone else gets paid too, if you know what I mean.
And...sigh. He REALLY thinks my job is easy. I heard him tell someone the other day that I do laundry and stuff. I even confronted him about it once and he said, No. that I have the cushiest job there, except for him....It's a brick wall that I've just decided to stop knocking my head against.
I've reached the top of my payscale for the job, which "top" doesn't seem to be the right word for it. LOLOL! (Why am I laughing? Laugh so I don't cry? LOL!) anyway... some day my life will be different, I just need to figure out how to use my time better and make stuff.
I have SO many ideas. And now I want to write a book about Jimmy Chew (besides the Kanga one and the Blue ones! LOL!) and yet I'm just spending time maintaining the house, sleeping and wiping butts at work!
Please, DON"T worry!
(and I bill my vet care and I don't get charged with interest, I just whittle away at it.)
Truly, I'm fine! and at least I'm not stuck working retail on Black Friday!

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you Jean!
and he IS cute isn't he.
Too bad he's such a stinker.

Cindi Myers said...

Yep, Jimmy is my little boy.
Bad boy and quite the character alright!
Thanks for the advice.
Now that you mention it, I might have some vitamins in my cupboard.
Maybe there's some C in there!
Otherwise, I'll be sure to pick some up!
Thanks again!

Cindi Myers said...

LOL! Good thing is right!
It's been his saving grace more than a few times!
Glad you like his shirt.
The woman at Goodwill assumes I have a toddler because I buy 3T shirts and things and stuffed baby toys (because those have the sewn eyes instead of the plastic ones that are easily chewed off!)
Thanks for commenting!

Doreen@househoneys said...

Oh, I so love that Jimmy! I read Tammy's comment and your response. I have to say I STILL agree with her, even though you explained somewhat. One thing I am confused DOC a woman or man? (You used 'her' and 'him').

I can't imagine having to wipe all that poop up! You are a marvel.

I hope since your sister is working you have a place to go Thursday. Someplace that will cater to YOU for a change.


Cindi Myers said...

Thank you! Jimmy needs all the love he can get!
Ha! Ha!
Doc is a man, that was a typo on my part but there are two other vets.
A man and a woman and the woman is also our HR person.
But Doc owns the place.
Yep, lots of poop.
Today when I came in this morning (I'm on my lunch break right now) The old corgi had smeared it everywhere again. I ended up washing him twice before he went home. Thank goodness he's not here over the busy weekend!
And then an old Cockapoo had staggered and slid and was laying in his own urine unable to get up. I rushed him up to Doc who gave him a chiropractic adjustment and the old guy is walking again. (and that was another bath).
And then the Chihuahua/Yorkie mix was jumping in hers I've done four baths total today!
Truly, it's usually not this poopy and I can go weeks without doing a bath but we cater to our clinic clients who specifically leave their old and/or sick pets here because they know that vet care is on premises.
But to tell you the truth, I could never be a nurse though, nope!
I just couldn't do this with people. LOL!
and about Thanksgiving...
I'm celebrating with my sister and her family on Saturday sometime....
Thursday I might just sleep!
Thanks for stopping by!

Vicki said...

Your sister is right, many people do forget about those who have to work on the holidays.
I used to nurse aged care patients, and initially, I was always asked to work holidays as I wasn't married or had a family.
I didn't mind though, as I chose to live my life that way, so no complaints from me.
That's the key. Choice.

I too feel that you should be better compensated for what you do.
Tammy has said it perfectly, so I don't need to repeat, only to say that I also agree that your work should be more appreciated - verbally and monetarily.

When you do get some free time - which is precious, I know - maybe write out a schedule and try to stick closely to it - barring accidents, emergencies etc.
Being self motivated and self employed can be one of the hardest disciplines. Incentive can be elusive. And distractions are many.

When you are on days off, or have down times - and your fur crew are not needing immediate attention - but you don't feel motivated to create/draw/paint.. try to just be with your art (or in your studio) for just fifteen minutes. Do something arty. Anything. Even just organising your art tools/pads/paints etc.
Tell yourself, that you only need to do it for fifteen minutes, then you can leave it if you want to.
You might find yourself adding another fifteen onto that, then another, and before you know it, you've spent an hour or so, and have started a new painting or sketches for your book.

It can be harder than it sounds, yes. But, fifteen minutes every day keeps one in close contact with our art, and that connection keeps what we do - and love - in the fore, not pushed to the back.
Something I have to work at too. But, it's effective.

And things are so much harder to handle when we're under the weather. Your flu season is upon you over there, so I hope you stay well and able to handle whatever comes your way.

Loving those images of cheeky Chew. He's a character in the best sense of the word :)

Is Blue is back to his old self? I hope no more pebble problems present themselves for your darling boy.


Cindi Myers said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful comment.
I agree about it being a choice, sometimes. LOL!
It does get upsetting when there will be long weekend holidays and everyone at work has it off but me.
But, I try not to dwell on it too much.
As far as being appreciated, I've given up on that.
No one there really cares. I just have to accept that.
Oh sure I've had one of the other vets say she appreciates me but...
yeah, whatever.
It's the whole actions speak louder than words thing.
I just don't care.
I'm just going to do my job and forget the rest.

I wish I could figure out a good productive schedule for myself.
To be honest at night, there's not much time.
I come home and have to feed everyone in shifts and then make dinner for myself and I'm drained. It's bedtime before I know it.
Not a good time to create.
I always do SO much better in the mornings. Everything I create is usually on one of my days off, early morning.
But I'll figure it out.
I would get up earlier but I already get up at 5 am every day,
but I'll have to see what I can do.
And I'll be careful to try to stay well.

And Jimmy, Yep! He's a character!
That's why I need to try to do a book on him too.
and Blue has been doing great.
I'm not sure if he's passed the pebbles. His poop is huge! LOL!
Like horse poop and to be honest it's been too cold to go out there poking it every single time. But he's been great!
Thank you again for all the great advice!
You'll never know how much I appreciate it!