Saturday, November 28, 2015

It's NORA'S Birthday today!

So! I got a birthday greeting from the vet clinic that I work at, wishing Nora a Happy Birthday today.
I text Kitty, who's working today 
(yes, that's her name! and she gets SO much grief for it, working at a vet clinic! LOL!)
to double check how old my Nora is. Kitty said she's 9!!!
I asked her to make Nora 3 again and while she's at it, make Blue 2. 
Kitty said she'd take care of that for us.
So, here's a big Happy Birthday to my Nora! 

She's absolutely wonderful and would protect me to the death. I'm so happy she's mine.

She certainly doesn't get the credit she deserves, living with such characters!

I'm so grateful that her previous owner was such a stupid selfish idiot, otherwise I wouldn't have this perfect dog in my life!
Xoxo to my Nora!


tammy j said...

what a beautiful little face!
and i remember how she was with those mean old mean at the fence. :)
or did you just convince them she would eat them alive? LOL.
happy birthday nora!
she doesn't look a day over three to me!
and WE ALL KNOW that blue is forever TWO!!! XOXOXOXO♥

Jan said...

Happy Birthday Nora! You are one beautiful and lucky dog! Love these pictures of you. It's funny, I don't like to see humans tongues but dog tongues are cute.

Cindi Myers said...

No, I think she would really take them down if she thought she needed to!
She's so sweet and loving but as soon as she thinks something is wrong, a switch flips and she's my protector.
I need to writ aunt the time I took her with me in the middle of the night when we thought Lily was in trouble.
Yep, she's a great dog and I can't believe she's 9!
Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Cindi Myers said...

(I'm writing from my phone - that should be "write about" not "writ aunt."
Jeez lol!)

Vicki said...

Happy Birthday, beautiful brave Nora.
The Universe brought you together for a reason.
Love her gorgeous face. And those deep, soulful brown eyes...

CheerfulMonk said...

"writ aunt" worked too. I knew exactly what you meant. :)

Happy birthday, Nora! May you have a gazillion more, and the good health to enjoy them.

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you Jan!
She is a beauty but I think that I am the lucky one!
I know! I feel the same way about her tongue.
She always sticks it out a little bit when she's about to touch something.
She's so funny!
Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes!
She is indeed brave. When she starts barking, she means it.
Jimmy will tremble when he barks, you can see how scared he is but not Nora.

The other night Blue was getting up on the bed and I started to shoo him back because I thought he was about to squish one of the little ones. So Blue indignantly lets out one of his ROARS and in an instant Nora was up from under the bed and did a circle so that she ended up with her back towards me and she was crouched down and ears flat. She was ready to take Blue on!
I quickly grabbed onto her and told her it was ok while I shoo'd Blue off of the bed.
She was ready to do whatever she had to to protect me.
She is so great, so fearless.
Yep, I just don't talk about her enough but I love her so.
and I know! those eyes really get to me too.

Cindi Myers said...

Of course you did! LOLOL!

I hope she has a gazillion healthy more years too!
Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Janneke said...

A bit late but Nora I wish you a happy and funny birthday! Your photos are full of excitement and you are sticking your tongue out to us? Haha.

Vicki said...

Gorgeous girl.
Working dogs are so fiercely loyal. Jack comes from the same family, and I've never known such bravery.
Although, these days, it's my turn to protect him.

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes!
You are right, she gets excited/happy over so much! LOL!
and she has that tongue out almost all the time.

Cindi Myers said...

She is so pretty, isn't she!!!
And always working. Just now I hollered over to the little ones to "Settle down" as a group of them were getting very rowdy. As soon as I uttered those words, Nora was running up and breaking up the group and literally standing over the top of the rowdiest one and "tapping" her with her mouth. LOL!
Everyone immediately calmed down.
Oh your Jack, I can see him in my mind protecting you and now you guiding him with a soft touch. Brings tears to my eyes. Please give him a hug and kiss from me. Sweet boy.
If only we could have longer healthier years with them.

Doreen@househoneys said...

Happy Birthday Nora! You're so beautiful and the picture of you smiling warms my heart! I hope you had a great day with lots of hugs and treats!!

*woof woof, lick lick*

Cindi Myers said...

Nora says "woof woof, lick lick" right back at ya!
and she would definitely love giving out some kisses!
Thanks for the birthday wishes.