Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas in LeClaire, Iowa

Yesterday I went to LeClaire, Iowa for their Christmas Walk with my sister and my nieces. I live in Illinois on the border and across the river is Iowa. (Where I work.) and up the river about 20 miles is LeClaire. It is also the hometown of "American Pickers" a cable show that I have never seen but one that everyone tells me I would enjoy, but...I don't have cable, I feel like I watch too much television as it is! And then again, there's my blog addiction!
My sister and her girls begrudgingly let me take their photo and grumbled "Are you going to put this on your BLOG?'
To which I replied - "Probably!"
It had snowed at least 4 inches so it added to the ambiance.
There was the sound of the CLIP CLOP of horse hooves and the JINGLE BELLS ringing from their halters.
I was so busy taking photos that I didn't realize that I knew one of the passengers until it was passing me and she was waving! She's one of the managers at the Humane Society.
We always like going to Grasshoppers and getting a SMOOTHIE but apparently the economy hit the drink maker and her Smoothie Bar was closed down.
It was fun stopping in all the shops to see what they had. But I have to admit that I was a little disappointed. All the shops except "ARTWORKS" and "PRIMITIVE COTTAGE" had items that were obviously ordered in from some mass-producer. I loved "ARTWORKS" which was stocked full of original work. That shop really got my creative mind working. "PRIMITIVE COTTAGE" had a lot of nice handmade and vintage items and my sister bought a few items. As we were shopping there I heard my name called out. I knew one of the co-owners! She and a friend had started up the shop together and her husband was manning the register. I knew her from the vet clinic that I work at. Actually I am the one that named her dog though I'm not sure if she's aware of that. You see, a Golden Retriever had been brought in by Animal Control that had been hit by a car.

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 Unfortunately the damage was so extensive that he lost a back leg. After he healed (and no one came forward to claim him) Tammy and her husband adopted him. At the clinic the girls were calling him different names and I finally said "Why don't you call him Trooper because he's been such a trooper through it all!" So the name stuck. And I got to say we all have joked that we wonder what he would be like with four legs because he's an energetic maniac on just three! 
Ha! Funny how everything seems to come back to dogs or cats! :) :) :)


sassypackrat said...

Looks like you had a great time!

Georgina said...

You may want to exchange weather with me, but I'd love to go visit someplace snowy and wintery like that place!!! I say our weather out here in West TX is far from seasonal, but it is...our weather is more like that of more seasonal can you get!! LOLOLOL

Well, looks like you all had a great time and I love the snow blanketed scenery...just a Christmas card!! I love the story of Trooper...poor baby, but thankfully, it has a happy ending. My daughter adopted a Golden Retriever, his name is Ringo. While I was there, he was bullied by Morris, the cat (of course)! However, they now have stand-downs and I think you know who wins paws down every time!! LOL

Have a great week, my friend and take care of those precious animals of yours...hugs to Blue!!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little town!
I like going in shops with original work, but they are usually so expensive that I can´t buy anything in them :-)

Beautiful dog! Golden retrievers are so nice and kind and very, very energetic :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day now!

yoborobo said...

Cindi - you all look like you are having a jolly good time! How funny that you saw so many people that you know. It's a small world, I guess. :) Now I want to go shopping and look at art! Not that I have any money...:))

ODD imagination said...

What a lovely post Cindi. The photos are really great and they capture the beauty of the place! Of course Trooper stole the show on this post. What an amazing dog. :-)

Kaerie Faerie said...

Brings back memories of Chicago in the Winter, thanks for sharing the fab pics, Oh, send me your address you won my give-away

oldblackcatboo said...

OMG Karey! I just almost spilled my coffee! I'm SO excited and HAPPY! I'll send my addy right away. What a Wonderful Xmas gift! :) - Cindi
Waahoo! I'm skipping!

rockriverstitches said...

Cindi, I found your blog by googling LeClaire and primtives. I was trying to find out the name of the primitive shop in LeClaire. I knew it had changed it's name. I wanted the name of the shop to tell my sister in law about it so she could get me something from there for Christmas. LeClaire has some great little shops don't they!
Thursday my daughter and I are going to visit Antique Archology. I sure hope Mike and Frank are there. Love the American Pickers show!!


Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Oh...that Christmas walk looks so wonderful. My Mom and I always do the Christmas Historic House tour in a neighborhood close to mine. It's this weekend. I love doing it. I love that dog story. Of course... So neat that you ran into her.

Mundo Mundaca said...

I loved these photos
where you and your family live is very beautiful ... I love to see snow covering the city and ruias decorated for Christmas.
which this charming girl are you?
And I'm very happy that there are people like you and your friends that help our four legged brothers helpless that we love so much.