Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Bah Humbug Alert!
HEY! I warned you!
I'm feeling overwhelmed.
I haven't bought one Christmas gift yet!
(OK! I have 2 for a gift exchange dinner but those don't count because my sister picked them up for me.)
I didn't even put up outside lights this year!
No wreath on the front door.
Is it too late?
I feel like it's too late.
I didn't decorate the house because it's a mess.
I have half done remodeling projects.
Maybe I could drape twinkle lights over paint cans.
I could sprinkle glitter over the dust.
I've let everything kind of slide while I was working on things for my booth.
I have projects all over the kitchen table.
I thought I could spray paint something by holding it out the back door.
It's 22 degrees out.
But a burst of wind blew the spray back in and now my eyeglasses are speckled
and the floor inside the door has a faint color of turquoise.
But Hey, I'm going to tile that...SOMEDAY.
I took all my found/upcycled items out to my booth and picked up my first check!
OK, yes I spent more than that on Xmas decorations for it but....
At least I didn't have to pay THEM!
I stopped at Target to get some dog food that was on sale.
They are HIRING.
Maybe I should have done that with my time instead.

One of my friends told me that if I hadn't spent the cash for the booth, and the framework and the decorations and the paint and all the things I've bought at the thrift shops or Estate sales....
that I could have put that time and cash towards tiling my backsplash and working on my house.
I told someone else about her statement, to which SHE replied -
"Yeah, I too wondered why you did the booth thing"
At least my Bloggers friends understand.
The other night, I was so upset that I didn't work on a damn thing.
I just sat and watched TV and brushed my dogs.
It was actually nice.
One of my best friends told me that I create my own stress.
Maybe she's right.
Maybe I need to stop spending on art supplies and "treasures".
Maybe I need to just STOP trying to find a way to make cash,
and just SAVE some.
And as John Lennon said -
"Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans."
Yep, today is the 30th anniversary of the tragic murder.
30 years ago.
Sorry for the downer post.


sassypackrat said...

I'm a bit stressed and overwhelmed this year myself so I understand. Do what you love and forget the rest!

denise said...

It's your travel through life....what your friend's say may make sense, but it's not who you are right now. Enjoy the ride and don't second guess because someone else rains on your parade. When you're tired of this path, you will change it.

One of my friends shakes his head at me, too, but I am who I am, and this is who I am right now.

Autumnforest said...

This year, with the divorce, I was liberated finally from my ex's family get togethers--huge--lots of people, tons of gifts, dozens of packages of cookies, gifts for each, cards... Last night, I was out driving somewhere and saw a string of lights and thought to myself "that reminds me of Christmas" and then it dawned on me it was a tree someone decorated for Xmas. I forgot completely what time it was. Oops! Hee hee Some years are like that. I have a lot I want to get done and this Xmas just seems to get in the way of getting things done since no one wants to do business now. I'm beginning to understand how Jews feel about Xmas lasting from Halloween to Valentine's Day.

Pattee said...

I'm kind of in a Bah Humbug way myself... but not for the same reasons....

But I did go through the motions with lights and a tree...

A hairdressers told me "Pat, Life is matinence" Hmmmm yea I think he's right.. and as I age there is just more to do....

A doll artist told me that if I just go around and collect stuff to make dolls then I'm not a doll maker but a collector.... Ouch!

I'm just waiting for the new year!!!!

It will all pass... take care
Pattee : )

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

ok...first of know i am overwhelmed as well...but it is not too late to put a wreath up. I don't have mine up yet. It won't cost you to decorate your own home. Many years I don't feel like decorating at all...but then I have all this stuff...what a waste to not get it out. So I do it....and I feel better.

Many times there is no one to come see my Christmas. I have lots of friends but most don't live in my part of town. This year a few girlfriends will see it. My brother in law. But they all could care less.

I do it for me...because if I don't do it...then I really will be depressed.

Decorate around your know my dining room is in a state and I don't know if it will get pulled together...but I'll try. My bedroom looks terrible....I've just been putting it off...till I get other things done...I mean...really its hideous.

I'm just ignoring the parts of my house that need work till after Christmas.

I totally understand about the booth thing. How many times have I decided to do something because someone else they must be making money at it...right? No...they are just doing for fun...they have a husband that provides the funds to support it.

That is why I haven't had a booth...I don't want to go buy all the cool stuff needed to fill it. To make it really have to spend so much money. I just can't do that.

You know if you put up a can always share it here....really I'm pretty much decorating for bloggers. No one in my real life cares if I have a tree or not...they ask me why I bother.

I also do it so that the neighbors think I am the most cheerful person on the planet. They all think I'm this person without a care in the world...who celebrates every holiday to the hilt. I just do it...because if I don' house will look sad.

oldblackcatboo said...

OK Nita, I will drag out some Xmas decorations....for me.
I'll put up my Xmas house flag with all the doggies wishing "Seasons Greetings!" to the people who walk their dogs on my street. I'll even pull out the wreath and hang it.
But I'm not buying a tree!....I do have a small one, so I'll decorate it and post that. I can't do a mantel because my fireplace is out in the booth.
But NOTHING for my neighbors next door (who never cut their grass and like to hang their undies on the laundry line in plain view!)....Hmmmm, SHOOT! I should have put up lots of BRIGHT lights for them and piped out some MERRY JINGLES!!! tee hee, OK, at least I'm laughing now.

yoborobo said...

Aw, Cindi - first of all, a big hug. Secondly, what is wrong with the people you know? LOL!! I love collecting things and telling myself I am going to use them, or sell them, or make something new from them. I'm not hurting anyone, and neither are you. Enjoy yourself! Be lazy and comb the dogs and decorate ONLY if you feel like it. I keep telling myself this: It is the season to make merry. I don't have to do anything else. Just make merry! :) xoxo!! Pam

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Hey ti is perfectly ok to feel a bit overwhelmed !! And yes I thought of John L. so much yesterday too .We seem to need his music lately . Much like years ago when he wrote it. Remolding sucks too!!

Georgina said...

Ya poor thang!! I know how you feel, I think many of us know how you feel! I can't tell you how many times I've felt that way during this time of may be the happiest time of the year for some, but for many, it's pure hell!!

Just hang in there and if you don't get anything up, then don't worry or feel guilty...stuff happens! Just enjoy any time you give yourself, even if it's watching tv and brushing those adorable critters of yours.


Anonymous said...

But You are only in the beginning with Your both and You don´t have to pay them!! Congratulations! That´s great! Soon rumors will spread about the things You have and You will sell more!

But the stress isn´t good. But what would You have done if you didn´t do all these things? Sit on the couch all the time? Probably not :-) But You must take time to relax at the same time!

Take care now!

The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...


Hey you sweet lady!!! I believe in you. You are the sweetest the cutest the funniest girl. So breath my lady!

Do what your heart desires everything else will fall into place. It's never too late to make your house fabulous for Christmas. Have fun and enjoy, you deserve every bit of it and more!!!!! big air hugs from me to you my sweet!

Mundo Mundaca said...

Do not be sad if you become discouraged friend .. I sear well.
do not worry so much about Christmas, we also believe that we survived without the Christmas tree and all the rest.
make the party in his heart, a lot of flying light within you and radiates love to everyone around you ,because you're made of light.