Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How's the Weather where You are at?

It's snowy here!

Meet Barley. He's one of my boarders.

Besides Blue, he is my favorite Gentle Giant

Isn't he HANDSOME!

He's a house dog, in a VERY NICE house!

He's always so soft and fluffy.
I've been told that with St. Bernard's there are two TYPES. 
The dry mouth and the wet mouth. Wet mouths are the ones that are very drooly. I used to have a boarder that was a wet mouth and I had to constantly give him new "fresh"  bowls of water. I had to scrub them with soapy water each time to "cut" through the spittle. GGGGGaaaaag! Something about "spit" in that LARGE amount just gags me. I would also have to put down extra towels in his dog run to absorb it up or it would puddle up and create a treacherous slick. And you definitely don't want to "wipe-out" in a pool of spit.
But apparently Barley is a dry mouth. He isn't drooly at all.
Sometimes I think about getting another BIG dog.....for Blue of course. Someone his size, or close to it. I know that right about now you are thinking - WHAT! She already has a houseful!..................... I just think about it when I look at Barley...

Or any Golden Retriever. Well, not any Golden. I had my Maddie for 12 years and I vowed to never get another Golden because she totally and completely broke my heart when she passed away. She was a beautiful Red-Gold. Some people thought she was an Irish Setter, she was that Red. I felt like no other Golden could compare to her and it wouldn't be far to the dog....even if I tried not to, I'd compare. But maybe....If I got a BIG BLOND GOLDEN boy....

Or maybe I'm still not ready. Maybe a Collie.

I wonder why you never see many Collie's?

I read up a little on them and they are supposed to be FANTASTIC dogs. Remember the Lassie movies!? I have never seen one all the way through. As a child I would try, but end up running from the room in tears. Even that old TV Lassie show had me sobbing. Hmmmm.....
Anyway! Remember the photos of my Ralphie awhile back, sitting in the tree, trying to get that squirrel?
Well, the snow has really cramped his style! It's filled up the space where he liked to jump into.

So now he's using the picnic table....

He wants that squirrel BAD!


ODD imagination said...

Such beautiful dogs! I didn't know that St. Bernards came drooly or dry. My friend had the drooly and it always made me feel ill - all that drool.
Your little dog wanting that squirrel is too cute! Maybe he needs a squirrel toy... :o)
You are gonna love this. My word verification to submit my comment to you is "phetch"! LOL

Georgina said...

How adorable!! I love St. Bernards, but the only one I ever was acquainted with was a "slobbery" one and that definitely was a problem for the owner, but he was a sweetheart anyway!!

As for the weather out here in far West TX, well, it's been an extended Spring with hay fevers, sinus infections and the lot afflicting many around here, moi included, but there's hope for the weekend...a cold Norther is blowing in just in time for the Sun Bowl game...got the guys from Notre Dame and Fl State playing. I'll, of course, will be all snuggled up in my leetle house with my leetle Chihuahuas, Senor Cacahuate and Ms. Maya, stirring the big pots filled with menudo, a traditional Mexican soup served on New Years Day to stave off those hangovers!! LOL My friend is making Paella, a Spanish tradition, so we're going to be doing some exchanging on that day!!

Have a great weekend, Cindee, and stay safe and warm...Happy New Year!!



It's NOT snowing.......bleh....

sassypackrat said...

Barley and his dry mouth can be my friend any time!

The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...

Hey Cindi, I'm up late! So hello my sweetie pie pie! Hope you had a beautiful Christmas. It has been snowing here. I love it when it snows it's so beautiful! I love it! You know, I always loved St. Bernards, so fluffy and so cute. I love German short hair pointers. My Brook is one. She is always full of energy! She loves to run and run. Yesterday my hubby's mother picked up a baby a possum. He was cold. She found him in the middle of the road on popple swamp and it was just sitting up and did not move. Well she took him home and put him in a cage to warm him up with water and food. He ate a lot! He was so cute all curled up. Well this morning I ask her how he was. He died and I felt so sad about the possum, poor little guy. I love animals and wish these creatures can stay out of the road.

well sweetie have a beautiful new year 2011 and may this new year bring you lots lots lots of love and blessings. I warm air hug from me!!!!! mua!

Anonymous said...

I´ve never met one of the dry mouthed :-) They must be really rare :-) :-)

But I have met a lot of Collies and most of them have been sort of nervous. They has also been barking a lot, all the time!!! But I would like to have a Border collie, my boys are a big part of that. But they really need to work a lot to be happy.

Have a great day now!

Mundo Mundaca said...

wonderful these pictures of your beautiful dogs playing in the snow.. he is so cut.
I never had a Colli but me leaning that you/they are very sweet.. makes to remember of that serialized of old television that I adored lasie.
when I was child I had a Brazilian Fila.. I don't know if you know.. in an enormous dog with stains in the for the that remind a tiger and he also dribbled a lot... but I adored him.. she was very sweet.
well me leaning that never this of one more dog.. and where fits two.. three fit...
yasmin :)