Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'm feeling....

so tired.
I bet a lot of people out there are feeling the same way just about now.
We are SO busy at work. A lot of dogs coming into Board for the Holiday and also a lot of old dogs passing away. I won't go into it because I have already cried several times today but it happens every year at this time. I guess the cold weather is too much for them (even though they have all been indoor house pets) but all week long it's been a horribly sad time. I have such a headache (and heartache) from crying. One of my regulars passed and I won't go into it now but I felt like he was one of my own............

Also, I think I might have Tourette's Syndrome. The other night when my dogs were being SUPER ROWDY, I turned to yell "STOP"! at them and instead I yelled "START". What the Hell? I AM losing it. My mind has started to go. But I guess that's not Tourette's. The syndrome isn't yelling the wrong word, it's yelling the RIGHT word.
So I guess that sometimes I wish that I DID have Tourette's.
I finished my Christmas shopping today.
I actually pulled into the store parking lot and drove right back out. There were so many people! I went to another store and ended up going back to the original one. People were EVERYWHERE! I tried going down an aisle and this "adorable" little girl was standing in my way singing a little song. Her Mom just ignored me and the little one just looked up at me like, "Too bad! I'm not moving!" so I said something like "Excuse me Honey"...I'm not a big "kid" person, I know, I'm awful. My instinct is to stick them in the cart out of the way of mean cranky people like me...But then I went down another aisle and there was a different little kid that wasn't doing a darn thing wrong and her Mother was yelling at her to "Shut UP"! yeah, my Tourette's almost kicked in then. The woman kept saying the kids name over and over again. Her full first name and middle name "COURTNEY SHANNON", "COURTNEY SHANNON" SHUT UP! and I just wanted to yell at the Mother "YOU!-SHUT UP" but I didn't since I don't really have a Tourette's problem.
As luck would have it, the same mean mom was ahead of me in line. She kept saying to the little kid. That she had BETTER be GOOD or SANTA wouldn't come. And the little one just stood there looking at the chewing gum packages. Like she must be used to these rants. So as the Mom was digging out her gloves and grabbing her packages, and as I was being checked out, I said to the cashier. "Boy! I feel SORRY for that kid! Poor little thing!" the cashier looked a bit mortified as I just looked at the Mom. She looked at me and while I didn't say it (and I wish I had) I gave her a look that I hoped said "Yeah, I'm talking about YOU!
Do ya wanna pick on someone your own size!? " She looked away and I wondered to myself why little kids who aren't doing anything but being a kid have to grow up with someone so hateful.
 But like I said, I'm not really a "KID" person.
Tis the Season to be Jolly!
Grumble, Grumble.


sassypackrat said...

Oh honey you need a hug! (((HUG)))

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

I hate to hear you are having such a rough time. And of course I hate to hear that you've lost a pet important to you. I was in at the vet yesterday to get more medicine for Violet. (she is fine, the vet just said to keep her on her pills another week). Anyway...there was a lady in there that had just lost one of her's. I felt so bad for her.

I'm with you...I'm not into kids...but I can't stand it when I see a kid being treated badly. I want to just scoop them up and take them home with me. Kids like me...cause I talk to them as I would anyone. And I'm actually pretty interested in what they have to say. So I get along great with them even though I really don't miss that I don't have one.

I hate it when I see a child who is exhausted being drug all over a store and being screamed at because its crying because its so tired. I always want to yell at the Mom..."Take that child home. It's too don't need to be shopping at Ross for yourself when your child is so sleepy".

My Dad actually worked with a guy that had tourette's. He never knew what was going to come out of his mouth. He was friends with him...and just had to overlook his inappropriate cursing.

I am too poor to by any gifts this year...and of course I would like to buy some...but I have to tell's really nice having absolutely no pressure to find the right thing for each person. I'm just decorating and enjoying people. I think I might do this from now on.

yoborobo said...

Oh, Cindi! Here's another BIG HUG from me to you because I know how you feel. Especially about the Tourette's! I called Gizmo "CAITY" yesterday. I mean, seriously, my brain is misfiring left and right. There is just too much stress. And to lose favorite critters on top of everything, well, I would cry, too. I wish I could have heard you tell the cashier that - you are brilliant! :) Some people should not have had kids. Period. Take care of yourself, and remember, I am calling celery "root beer" and staring off into space A LOT. HO HO HO!!! hugs - Pam

denise said...

That is so sad about the passing of not only "your" dog but also the others. It seems to happen with humans at this time of year, too.

I also am not a kid cooer but I do not like seeing a parent/guardian taking their frustrations out on one. But I also can't stand a bratty kid and then for them to have a bratty mom, too? ugh. Bad enough being overwhelmed with the hoards of people doing shopping at this time.

I try not to go out much between November and February, helps keep me sane. I don't typically go to traditional stores anyway and there doesn't seem to be huge long lines at the thrift stores thank goodness, or online, yup, online shopping at it's best. But the traffic going to and fro and the idiots driving? well, that's for another day, huh?

Here's wishing you happier days to come.

Georgina said...

You need some "me" time, my friend! This time of year is horrible, funny, the happiest time of year is so miserable out in the shopping world. The other day, this woman kept calling out to her little boy, "Isaiah, venga!" Translates to come here, but the kid was no where in site and she kept screaming his name out...I had had enough, I then yelled out to Isaiah, in Spanish, that to please answer his mother!!! LOL The kid looked to be about 3 years what in the hell was that woman doing that she lost site of her little one!!?? A few years ago, during the Christmas rush, a child was kidnapped from Walmart and they later found her burned body in a trash bin behind my ophthalmologist's office building...she had also been sexually molested. I was going to be juror in that trial, but won't go into detail, but the trial was taken to San Antonio...too much bad press for the monster that committed the crime here in El Paso. The big question was , where were those parents at the time of their daughter's kidnapping???

Around here, you see so many children left unattended at the toy department...drives me crazy!! Then one wonders why the toys you purchase don't work!! Well, duh!!

I went on a tangent too!! Oh my!! LOL Yep, this is a lousy time of year to shop, but I did most of my toy shopping, for my little guys in Austin, online...didn't have to go near a toy department. Also, made quite a few of my gifts, to avoid the mess. But I will say, the little shopping I've done, it's been pretty good...people are mostly friendly and cashiers are always happy to speak to customers that empathize with me...I did retail for awhile and it SUCKED!!

So just hang in there and perhaps you need to come visit is in the 70's out here in West TX...all of TX is warm except the Pan Handle, of course!

Merry Christmas and please take care of yourself...get some time alone with your own "kids!" Ya know they'll love for it!!


Anonymous said...

I´m so tired too! I don´t think I´ve so many mistakes all years I´ve worked at the place I´m at now than I have this week :-) I´m so glad that I have a week of vacation now :-)

Some people shouldn´t be allowed to have kids!
Many hugs from me today and have a Good Yule as we say over here :-)

Georgina said...

Hey girl, just dedicated my blog post to you...go over there and have a look-see...hope it brings a little smile to your wonderful face!!

Merry Christmas and know you have many who love you!!


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

stopping by to wish you and little louie a merry christmas...

thanks for the kind words about Buddy ( just what you needed...more pet loss )


sending love,
kary and teddy

oldblackcatboo said...

Oh Boy! Now I have tears in my eyes again! You all are so wonderful. I'm so happy that I have found you all!
MERRY CHRISTMAS my friends!!!

The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...


Good Morning sweetie! A big strong hug to you my lovely friend, It seems I always come late. I'm so sorry you had a hard time. May this coming new year bring loads of love love and blessings!!!!!! Un beso para ti guapa!!! mua mua mua!

I been so tired myself very tired. I am waiting for snow. Snow when is falling makes me happy.