Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday, The Day after Christmas.

I'm spending the day in the company of my animals. A day of reflection.

I'm thinking back over the year and looking forward to the New Year.
I plan on writing up some "goals" rather than resolutions, but not today.
Today will be spent doing nothing...(well, I might rearrange some furniture...I love doing that!)
I had a wonderful Christmas starting with Christmas Eve's dinner spent with my Step-Mom and her family.
I had a nice drive home (we had to take 2 vehicles) and my sister and I had some rare one on one quiet time to just talk. It was such a tranquil evening, driving home through the silent streets as the snow was softly falling after a loud happy dinner with toddlers running about.
Christmas morning started with a wonderful surprise. The neighbor on the south side of my home (not the one I complain about, he's on the other side) well, her daughter had come over to snow-blow her driveway and when I went outside, I discovered she has also done my sidewalk  and the walkway up to my stairs and the end of my driveway so that I could get my car out. The snow is almost a foot deep so I REALLY appreciated her doing that kindness.
Christmas was spent at my sister's home where we opened gifts next to a crackling fire, sipping on Chambord and Champagne. My sister has to be one of the world's greatest Moms. She takes such care in making a safe and magical home. I think that maybe the fact that we lost our Mom when she was just 11 yrs old makes her strive to create the warm and loving home that she missed out on. She has 3 girls that appreciate and treasure every small but important thing that she does for them
Many gifts were handmade and tears of joy were shed. My brother-in-law is half Chinese so they decided this year to make a traditional "from scratch" Chinese dinner. I helped make eggrolls and pot-stickers. (YES! some of mine fell apart!) but it was very nice. He spent so much time in the kitchen, cooking way too much food. LOL! We ate until we couldn't move.
Later, I came home and tried to send out some Season Greetings before I snuggled up with some of my furry babies for a long winters nap. :)
Oh! and one of my gifts from my sister and her family was....a camcorder!!!!
Ha! I'm so happy! Once I figure out how it works I will be posting live action of Blue!
A Perfect Christmas! I am so blessed.


sassypackrat said...

So glad you had a lovely Christmas! I also appreciate your taking the time to stop by my blog to wish me one too! Can't wait to see the videos of Blue.

denise said...


I'm so glad you had such a nice time...and yes, today is a day for just being. I hope a sense of calm stayed with you throughout the day.

yoborobo said...

Cindi! That sounds like such a lovely time. :) I am so happy that you are surrounded by people and furbabies that love you so! xox

Anonymous said...

It sounds as if You had a really great Christmas :-) I love Chinese food so that would have been a perfect christmas dinner :-)

Have a great continuing of Yule!
I´m looking forward to live action from Blue then :-)


Abi said...

A foot of snow? can't imagine.
A camcorder eh? toot toot - looking forward to seeing some shoots of life your way (when you figure out what all the buttons do!) tee hee
Take care my friend X

Mundo Mundaca said...

my dear friend.. it is so pleasant to read what you wrote on your beautiful family.. I get until imagining in my head the film scene of native that it was.
very good รจ to have good neighbors and friends that care with us and they demonstrate that in small gesture of affection that fill our hearts of happiness.
I am happy that yourr christmas was magic.