Saturday, July 23, 2011


my garden was doing pretty well.

filling in, and starting to come together....

This is my birdbath. I HAD to buy it a couple of years ago.
First because it's in one of my favorite colors and second, because of the way the glaze ran down into the bowl and created a "crescent moon".

so I took some photos so that I could analyze my yard.
Yep, the tree needs to be trimmed, and the house needs to be painted, shutters put up...that sort of thing.
You might look at my home and see a little house clad in old siding, I see a house in a great neighborhood but with LOW property taxes! :)

Here's the beds along side the driveway-
But still, very much a WIP.

lots of work to do....

and now it's so HOT outside that I can't bear to be out there weeding, much less finish what needs to be done.
Oh well....


sassypackrat said...

It all looks so lovey. I don't have a green thumb so admire it in others. I'm watching this heat kill my sod side yard that was laid 2 summers ago. Cha ching!

Georgina said...

You have an adorable house and garden, Cindi...I love it!! Wish we had low property taxes out here. TX doesn't have a state income tax, so the property owners are slammed with high taxes on everything!

I complain about the heat and humidity out here, but I'm sure your humidity is lots worse...lots!! Right now, we have 40% humidity, but keep in mind, we live in a desert too and it's just gotten so bad here in the last several years, as stated in my blog. Too much concrete, people and rocks!! Even the poor predatory and grazing animals that live in the mountains are becoming more brazen because the freeze in Feb., killed a lot of their natural food supplies. A mountain lion was killed last month because she was looking for food and water in the downtown area and that's a long way from the mountains...poor thing. This morning, a woman found a bob cat in her backyard taking sips of water from her fountain outside. Deer have been spotted in backyards that are built on the mountain...they're feeding on lawns.

I just hope this damn "heat bubble" pops soon...I'm really beginning to hate summer!!

Stay cool, my friend and take care.


Anonymous said...

It looks really nice! Your garden looks so much better than mine. My garden is filled with different weeds but since they flower so nicely I don´t mind :-) :-) :-)

Take care!

yoborobo said...

Your house is charming! It's the kind of house I would stop in front of and say, "I wish I had a cute garden like that!". You know those plants I put in the ground? I am struggling to keep them alive. I love summer, but this is NUTS. Stay cool!

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

hi my friend

i LOVE your place !!! it is just charming....i LOVE that tree...and your birdbath, flowers, and the cute green rocker....i have one just like it in blue...

i loved seeing everything...

wishing you a cool breeze....SOON !!!!

kary, teddy, and all the farmhouse kitchen kittys


Gillian said...

It's beeeyyyooooteful. AND your house looks great!

I cut our big hedge in half last weekend. Well Dad started and then we just had to keep going.

I am going to cut and trim everything this year to rejuvenate after a few years "free reign".

I can't wait! : )

Sandy Mastroni said...

Cindi .... I love it ... so charming
I love old furniture in a garden ,,,, the rocker , the table .
One year I had an old dresser [ bureau ] in my garden and every drawer was open .... with herbs and vines tumbling out .
oh well

I love your little house and garden !!
You make me want to do all that work again !

Robin Kent said...

You can tell just by looking at your photos that this house is loved. Good vibes and interesting conversations happening in your yard, too.

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Oh...all your flowers are sooo pretty. I don't have much luck with flowers at all. My bargain impatiens I bought the other day are really struggling. I guess its just too hot for them. But I love the abundance of flowers all around your pretty house. I loved seeing your house too. It's charming. A pretty white farmhouse in the city. Your street looks really nice. All looks straight out of Country Living Magazine!

momamama said...

This looks like a lovely place to sit in the garden with a glass of wine!