Thursday, July 28, 2011

Last Sunday...

I noticed that there was something going on in the street.
I guess a water main had broken.
I sighed in relief that it didn't affect my house.
The washer was going and I was doing dishes. Thank Goodness!
I planned on coloring my hair and I sat down to read the box. I was going to try a different brand.
I started to go upstairs to begin when I noticed the dogs water bowl was empty.
So I went to fill it.
No water.
Thank God I hadn't put the color on yet!
I would have had no way to rinse it off!
A couple of hours later, the water was back on.
I could still hear them outside working. Drilling and ripping up the concrete.
They worked into the night.
The next morning they were gone but barricades were up. As I stepped out onto my front steps I found a little yellow notice laying there that said they would be turning the water off.

So the street has been blocked off all week.
No construction going on but at least there is water.
This morning as I left for work there was a little yellow notice looped on the ironwork of the outside of my front door.
It read : "The boil order that was issued on 7/24 has been lifted".
Today is 7/28.
My first thought was,
Apparently they had tested water samples from the water main and it was verified to be safe.....
But WHEN was it safe?
I don't feel so great.........
I need to rinse my mouth out...


sassypackrat said...

You are having quite the summer!

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Oh no!!!!!!!!

Georgina said...

Love how they let you know with "plenty" of time! LOL We had a "boil order," back in Feb. after the freeze...what a pain!! We were lucky enough not to be one of the many who's utilities were out of order during that time...we still had electricity and water, but they felt the water wasn't quite up to standards..great!!

Glad you didn't do the hair colouring....can you imagine what colour your hair might have been??? LOL

Hope you have a quieter more gentler weekend, my friend.


yoborobo said...

I can't help it, you crack me up. :)) I hope you are okay! And the critters! Although they just barf everything all over your best rug and feel better immediately. Take care of yourself - xox Pam

Robin Kent said...

Your pictures are the perfect punctuation for your story. And what a story! Hope your summer stays adventurous, but in a good way. Let's, water, which element should be next?

Anonymous said...

What doesn´t kill You strengthens You :-) :-) No use of feeling sick now is it :-) :-)
But it´s bad when they don´t put up those signs in time or in places You can see it properly!

Well at least You didn´t start to color Your hair that day :-) :-)

Have a great day!