Tuesday, July 5, 2011


My house is WHITE,

(Isn't adorable! I would love this!... If you added a garage and a swimming pool!)
Anyway -
I have my accent colors picked out for the outside of my house.
They are the colors of my flowers.
I have found the AQUA BLUE
and the APPLE GREEN in the perfect shades by RustOleum, but unfortunately they only come in spray cans.
They are not able to mix the colors in these shades in quarts.
I want to paint the trim around my front porch door APPLE GREEN and the WROUGHT IRON door itself a BRIGHT PINK.
Kinda surprising I guess, seeings how I like WHITE and BLACK for the inside of my house.
But I want the accent colors to match the colors of my garden.

But now I don't know where to get an oil based weather resistant paint.
I guess I'll run over to Hobby Lobby or Michael's. But I really wanted quart size paint.
That I can apply with a brush.
And suggestions?


Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

I'll warn you....you do not want to go as bright as you think. The colors look way brighter outside. you want to go a duller color with gray mixed in and a couple shades darker. I experienced this with my house. I know what color I wanted and bought it and it looked like baby blue when painted on the house.

Just went through it again with a friend last week. She wanted a green similar to what you are choosing. She has it all picked out and I told her it would be too bright. I forced her to get samples and not gallons of the wrong color. She thanked me and thanked me later....because the perfect color she chose looked like neon lime green on the house. And yes....it looked perfect on the swatch book.

So just get what ever color you want....toned down and shaded from what your true color is you want and it will look god outside.

I love a white house by the way......

Georgina said...

Just read Nita's suggestion and I can't improve on that...follow that girl's advise!! My mother chose that green for her kitchen and it looked great on the paint chip, oh Lord, Cinci, it's Neon Green!! Well, she didn't back down and refused to follow my advise about toning it down, and now you have to wear a good pair of "shades" when you're in her kitchen...oey.

Otherwise, I like your ideas for colours...love colour and so many people fear it in their homes...ie. my hubby. Our walls are still white, but that's because we haven't decided on anything yet. But go for colour, girl...and can't wait to see the results.


Anonymous said...

Just follow what Nita says! She´s so right!

Have a great day!