Saturday, July 30, 2011


When I wrote my post about getting rid of STUFF and trying to do the minimal thing I got a comment from Nita that said how she is using her spare room for Holiday storage and how she only uses the items for a couple of months a year.
She was doubting herself on this decision and it got me thinking. When I first read it, I was nodding my head and thinking, yeah, MY spare room is full of art supplies, books and where my cats spend most of their time (when I'm not home I don't want anyone using my sofa for a scratching post and it's a BIG room with lots of windows and sunlight) anyway.....
THEN I thought, what would I DO with that room ideally?
Make it a pretty guest room for guests that never come?
Don't get me wrong, I don't WANT guests to come. I'm a hermit.
I just think I'm SO sucked into the perfect homes on the different blogs that I just feltlike it was the THING TO DO.
Maybe if my home is perfect, everything will suddenly fall into place and I will have the perfect happy life.
(I googled "Happy Family"....isn't this the SAME guy but different family?)
(Hmmm, maybe not. But don't they look perfect?)
I bet their home is stunning.
They make me vomit a little bit in my mouth.
Oops, my Jealousy Monster is rearing it's UGLY head
Let me stuff that side of ME back into it's dark and scary place.

Then this morning, I'm thinking how I NEED another room. Just one more room for my STUFF. A place for my art projects while they are WIP so that they don't get ruined.
and then I thought about my bedroom (that I have yet to finish and maybe there's a reason for that) I mean, I SLEEP in there and then I never use it any other time. NEVER.
I go upstairs, go to bed at night and then get up in the morning and never use it again until night. OK, well, I do USE it. I cover my bed with a sheet in the morning and leave Blue in there while I'm at work. Then at night I remove the sheet and go to bed. (I don't want dog goobers or butt smears on MY bedding.) But I must say -
He is VERY good. At night he sleeps on the floor but during the day he's on my bed. He always stands in the bedroom looking at me as I leave, kinda "acting" like he's going to lay down on the floor but as soon I leave, he climbs up. I know this because since he can't HEAR me and when I've returned home many times and walked upstairs, I find him either laying full length on the bed with his chin propped on the window sill staring down at the driveway or....

curled in a ball and snoring away.
(OK, this is actually on the sofa with Ralphie but you get the idea)

So, I could put my "work table" in my bedroom, my paint brushes, paints, my DVD player and etc.
Basically make IT my art room with my BED in there.
I googled Apartment Therapy and found the photo at the top of this post and this for inspiration:
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
There's the Feng Shui issue. All that stuff about the bedroom being a tranquil "space" with no electronics or "stuff" to disturb my sleep.

I do follow some of the rules like not having the foot of the bed facing directly towards the doorway. (You don't want that, it's scary stuff.)
and I do drape something over the mirror facing the bed....but to be honest it's not really because of Feng Shui. I could try to be funny and say something about catch sight of myself unexpectedly but really, to be honest, it has more to do with the "Candyman".
OK, I need to get back on track here.
While I'm sure there are people who would be screaming at me (both in real life and the blog world) that I need to keep the stuff out of my bedroom, I'm thinking that ultimately it will be BETTER energy for me. To have a place (other than my kitchen table) to work in.
I don't know why I'm stressing about this.
I hardly ever have people over and if I do, they are too busy stepping over little dogs to think much about my decorating.
And as far as the Blog World? Well, I just won't take a photo of it! LOL!
Anyway. I'm going sign off now and go rearrange the upstairs so that I can start PAINTING something!
And Nita, don't feel bad about using that room for Holiday decorating storage. I  personally think that the results of your gorgeous Halloween
and Christmas
displays make it worth the use. Don't feel pressure to have the perfect guest room. Unless that's what you REALLY want!


sassypackrat said...

I know I'll never have a perfect house cause that's just not me. I love seeing photos of all that clean perfection but honestly it would drive me crazy trying to keep it that way! I don't entertain or care to socialize in my home. (I guess I'm a hermit too!)

I think it's perfectly reasonable to use any room of your house anyway you wish. For example, when my brother moved in with me I moved my studio out of a bedroom into the dining room. I never used this room for dining and it was basically an overflow storage space. My mom lives downstairs and has a dining room so we just eat there for big family dinners. My daughter and I sometimes eat on one of my worktables too.

If you will be more comfortable with an art area in your bedroom then go for it. A lot of people do this. Bedrooms are wasted space, they are rooms that just hold your stuff so I say put it to use!

yoborobo said...

First of all, YAY HERMITS!!!! Can we form a club? Of course, we couldn't meet, because we ;) AND! My 'studio' is in our bedroom (because there is a nice nook there that I claimed dibs on). And our bedroom is such chaos that I laugh every time I read that your bedroom is supposed to be a 'sanctuary'. But you know what? Maybe it is, because I can go in there, close the door and work. No one bothers me. I do need to tidy it up, but you could say that about my entire house. lol! xox Pam

Kaerie Faerie said...

you are toooo funny, you often write about all the same stuff I think about, how is this possible? LOL
I tried the clearing out thing in my studio and all the stuff slowly crept back in, I did turn my lovely pink guestroom into a store-room, because I don't have any closets no basement or attic, Florida is weird!!! but no one visits me either, probably because I'm a weird scarey Aunt recluse HEHE
But I really like having a store-room in my back bedroom, I know where all my supplies are, and my cats sleep in there amongst the storage crates
Love the post
Have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

Perfect people are usually extremely boring and I don´t want to be boring :-)

Have a great day!

Robin Kent said...

Guess I qualify as a hermit member, too. Anyway, I recently started painting canvases again (I usually do assemblages at the workbench in the barn) and brought my easel upstairs in my bedroom. Love it there! Can work in the evenings and look at it after I'm in bed (that 6' bed length gives good distance to critique), and it's the first thing I see in the morning. Talk about fresh eyes! Guess when I'm in the assisted living home years from now, the only thing that will have changed is I'll miss my cats...maybe they'll allow them by then, too.