Monday, July 4, 2011


These are called GOOSENECKS or that is what I was told by the person who gave them to me.

She gave me a couple of plants and said to be careful, they spread. So I planted them opposite my Daisies. Right after the Daisies start to die down and wilt and I cut them back, these guys spring into action.

Even though I've cut back the DAISIES, some still pop back up!

Here's one of the ROSE TREE's that I got as part of my great LUCKY
discounted plant deal. I need to add some more flowers around the base. I went back the other day and they had marked down these HOT PINK feather/flame looking things to 25 cents a 6pk. I'll have to look up the official name and post it along with an updated photo after I plant them. You can see my GLOBE fountain in the background.

Here's a close-up. I got that a couple of years ago. It was another great BARGAIN. They were clearing out and marking down everything at the HyVee Garden Center and it was super cheap. 75% off but still $65.00. My sister was with me and told me to see if I could bargain them down any lower. The Garden Person said that was as low as she could go....unless I was to point out to her where the glaze wasn't perfect on the one side. I laughed and said "Hey, I don't think this glaze is right over here" and she said "Ya know, you are right! How about $50.00?" The photo doesn't do it justice. The water bubbles out the top and then flows softly down the sides. I LOVE it. Well, "love" probably isn't the right word but it makes me happy when I look at it.
(I need to fill in around the base with more flowers too.)

One of my $3.00 bargain hanging baskets -

This is an AWFUL photo. I was so focused on my bird seed feeder that I cut off the big ORANGE DAISY plant. I put the plant on the feeder instead of seed because I heard somewhere that if you fed the birds you have to always feed them. And I already have a lot of mouths to feed! I'm still working on this  area too. I have thin out the LILIES. But notice my PINK HYDRANGEA plant that was also part of the GREAT deal. The little begonia's I had gotten previously for 25 cents a 6pk.

So, that's just a small part of my yard. The front part. I need to take photos of the area between the street and the sidewalk. The side area and my BIRDBATH. I'm working outside constantly and I'm still so far from being done. (I am also spraying my ravine with weed killer so that I can start to tackle that.)
Stay tuned! More to come.


Sandy Mastroni said...

Hi Cindi !
I have those gooseneck flowers too !
Someone gave some to me and she said the same thing
[ that they spread ] ..... they do !
but I like them .... they are old fashioned weird
I envy that you are working in your garden . I used to do that ..... I miss it so much
I have a blue gazing ball [ a gift from a friend ] .... mine doesn't have water . Yours is very cool
Ah ..... I miss feeding the birds too
I used to do that too .... I used to have chickadees eat from my hand . THAT was amazing .... to have a little chickadee sit on my hand . I MISS THAT TOO
Have fun Cindi .... it looks pretty . I know how much work it is

Georgina said...

Cindi, what a lovely garden! Love all your flowers and plants and love your "bargain"'re a pro!!

Our garden this year is very sad...only one potted plant in the front with flowers and 2 others I transplanted in the Spring, a Wandering Jew and an Aloa Vera plant. The drought and heat have pretty much removed any kind of incentive to do much planting, and as usual, we're under water restrictions...our lawn has never looked this sad. Maybe next year!! What we need is a good, healthy "El Nino" to hit the Pacific and send us plenty of water out here in the Southwest and South.

Hope you have a wonderful week and keep tending your lovely garden.


Anonymous said...

Everything looks very nice! I think I actually would save a lot of money if I bought a plane ticket over to You, bought a lot of plants and went back home again :-) :-) :-)

Happy Fourth of July!


Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Oh... I loved seeing this glimpse of your yard. That fountain is awesome! What a great deal too. I can't believe the great deals you get on plants. Can't wait to see more.

Robin Kent said...

I think at this time of the year your garden is your work of art! So nice seeing what you've done and the stories behind it.
Maybe think about painting when the weather cools down (or now in the evenings)...

yoborobo said...

Hi Cindi! Oh, your garden looks so pretty! I love those weird flowers (the goosenecks). :) I went to the nursery yesterday and they were having a 'buy 3 get one free!' sale, and so I did. We might not eat this week - hahaha! I saw this great little garden fountain, but it was too much dinero. Maybe they will have it on sale at the end of summer, if I camp on it (and them!). I'm glad you're outside in the garden! Lovely pics! xoxo Pam

Mundo Mundaca said...

Hi dear,I loved the colors of your garden.
You are doing a great job !!
I really liked the water fountain . by the way, their dogs drink water from there?
I ask this because animals love to drink water in unusual places.
I liked very well of the plate with the kitten .I think it gave a touch of charm to the whole composition.
And yes!! the fox says to the little prince: "You become responsible for what you have tamed "..... then nothing to become more responsible for their animals that your Noah's Ark already full !! .. Hahahaha
yasmin :)

Red Rose said...

You're a real artist, you know that? Your garden is so cute.I would raise a tent somewhere just to stay 24/7 and admire the wonderful colors

Melanie Giant said...

Those goosenecks are so cute! I want it badly on my garden! They really look like goose's necks.LOL.

Spinet Schoenhut said...

Your garden is very lovely with different beautiful flowers planted in it. But what I like most and I hope to have one is your goose neck plant. They look very cute and it’s kind of unique or unusual.