Monday, July 18, 2011


I tend to re-evaluate my life more on this day than any other, New Years included.
I remember being really depressed when I turned 47. 46 was OK but suddenly 47 was a whole lot closer to 50.
When I turned 49, in the wee hours of morning, actually just after midnight, I was awoken by my dog Ruby barking furiously. I sat up in bed and looked blurry-eyed at my window. (I probably should get Lasik surgery, but that's SO scary!) and instead of seeing the top of my Weeping Willow tree, all I could see was ORANGE.
I grabbed my glasses and leaned forward. Down below us was a thundering ball of flames. The neighbors garage which is just feet from my house was on fire! I jumped up and pulled on my shorts and screamed to the dogs and ran downstairs. I grabbed the phone and mis-dialed in panic. I tried again and got 911. Then police operator said they were already there. What?!
I clicked Blue's collar on, put Ruby under one arm and Claude under the other and yelled to Griffin -"Come on!" We ran to the front door. Outside there were fire-trucks and police cars. On my front stoop was a woman. She had been pounding on my door. As I ran down the steps, she helped by scooping up Griffin. She said she lived around the corner and would put him in her yard. Blue pulled on his lead and in my frenzy I hadn't snapped it correctly and he broke free and ran to a fireman. A woman from the crowd that was gathering ran up and got him. I rushed up to my car and put my little ones inside. The woman came up with Blue as a policeman asked me if I had anyone else inside. I said YES! my cats. The woman said to go ahead she had Blue, so me and the cop went back inside. I always tell myself I don't have favorites but at that moment I instantly made my Sophie's Choice.
My Boo was at the door and I scooped her up and screamed "HARRY!"
Out of the darkness from the top of the banister, he "flew" to me and wrapped his front legs around my neck. I ran back outside and the policeman asked if that was it. Nope, back in we went and I found Levi, Ivy and Ghost. Then upstairs I ran for Kanga. She doesn't have front legs so she wasn't able to make the stairs. The policeman asked if I needed to go back in for anything else. I stood there in my flip flops, my handbag inside, all my carefully collected "treasures" left behind and said "Nope, I have what's important with me now."  Whoa, five years have gone by and Boo, Levi and Ivy are all in Heaven now...
but I've added a few more doggies since then!
So, we stood outside as neighbors gathered in the darkness. I called my sister on the neighbors cell and she and 2 of my nieces came. My neighbors new electrical work apparently started the fire. Her brand new car destroyed and the back of her house severely damaged. I had a chainlink fence woven with plastic and that was now melted. Posts that I had just put up for my privacy fence were charred and all the branches on the south side of my Weeping Willow were burnt and dead. The ivy on the side and back of my house was burnt to a crisp and I think that the fact that I still have the old aluminum siding saved my house, while my neighbors vinyl was gone.
So, my 49th... I was just happy that we were all safe and sound.
My 50th was uneventful.
Same for 51.
52 didn't exist for me. (here for more details) -
You know ALL about 53 if you've been reading my blog.
So here I am 54. Wow, I don't FEEL 54. I'm told that I don't LOOK 54 but I AM 54.
Also my innards are 54. So now as I reflect on my future, I'm thinking that....I need to start riding that bike again.
I found this advertisement for biking. I LOVE it.
I guess some people are offended by it. I DON'T see why. It's just fat. It doesn't define me. I've been up and down and all around with that stupid fat. I used to keep it under control because of peer pressure. But then I just got tired. Tired of worrying and fretting and depriving myself. But now I need to worry about my health. And I'd like to have my clothes look nice on me again. Fat is like hair. You can change it. You can make it look  completely different. It's just HOW much work do you want to do? One thing I've learned is if you THINK about it all the time and restrict yourself, you are going to be a cranky bitter person. Or maybe that's just me.
So, I'm thinking about that. That and about where I want to be in ANOTHER 5 years.
I've been Googling. I REALLY liked this idea.
Biking with dogs.
I liked the IDEA of it but not the reality. But it's an interesting read:
Ultimately too much work for me. And that bit about going for 12 days with a bath? Um, NO! Personally I think this couple is SUPER cool and they also have a blog.
Now if I was "24", I'd think about it.
But what else? Hmmm.
Then I remembered the other day at work the guy that used to work for me stopped in. He was talking about his custom built "motor-bike" and was showing me a website (that I can NOT remember now! darn it!) but we got to talking and he showed me some sites with Vespa type scooters. I said I liked the idea but where would I put BLUE? So then he showed me SIDE-CARS!
He also told me about free day long training courses. So that might be something to think about for the future. Maybe the distant future, like when I retire and get the house paid off.

The other day as I was outside in the front yard gardening, down the avenue comes this scooter thing. A girl is driving and some guy is in the side-car. I watch them turn onto the street and motor down the road. Later she comes back and turns down the avenue again. She must live down that way. Hmmm...might be a "sign". I never see those things and then BAM! there's one.
So, what do I see for myself? I will try to focus more on what makes me Happy and try not to stress about finances so much. (which is hard not to do) but just enjoy my animals, gardening and CREATING. I NEED to make time for ART.
I get on the computer and stare in awe of SO MANY of my BLOG friends and their CREATIONS.
I hesitate to list them, in fear of missing someone... Sandy, Robin, Pam, Abi, Catherine, Yasmin, Jennifer, Georgina, Nita, Denise, Colleen, Magaly....
just a few who INSPIRE me in so many different many styles, so many wonderful friends. So on this birthday, I'm HAPPY.
Happy to have my FABULOUS BLOGGER friends.
Happy to have my little house.
Happy to have my critters.
Happy to have my garden.
HOT! but Happy with lots of plans!


sassypackrat said...

A very happy birthday to you! I hope it's filled with happy things!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Wow the fire story was unbelievable . We bought house and closed last week but do not pan to movie in until ALL the electrical is updated Hubby has an electrician coming tomorrow.

Georgina said...

Hey Cindi, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! As they say, age is just a number, but hell, when you get up there, that number can define you!! LOL

You're still a baby...boomer that is!! I'm 59, look every bit 59, health isn't the greatest, but I'm living my life to the fullest. We're living into the second half of our lives, so enjoy as much as you can. Leave negativity, anger and toxic people outside, no matter who they are. Unfortunately, I've had to learn the hard way, due to the fact the one person that's highly toxic is my daughter, but the fact she lives 650 miles away and not speaking to me right now, sure alleviates all that poison in my life...for once, I can breath!

So happy birthday, take care and have some fun.


Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Happy Birthday! My what a story about the fire! What a way to start off a glad all was ok. I think birthdays are just days you have to grit your teeth and get through. Love that of the cat sticking his tongue out. Try to take it easy today and do something nice for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

I fear fire more than anything and I´m glad a fire at a neighbors house is rather far from my cottage. I don´t even lit candles in my home :-) :-) Still I love my fire heated stove :-) :-) :-)

I´m looking forward to when I can retire in around 18 years or so :-) :-) So age doesn´t bother me at all, neither do my weight really. I´ve gone from being super fit (squares on the stomach and all that)to almost being obese.

But now I´ve stopped eating any kind of candy and no pastry or cookies and has lost a lot of weight :-) The only reason I do this is because of my joint problems and the risk of getting diabetes. Otherwise I was quite happy in my obesity :-) :-) :-)

Have a great birthday :-)

Gillian said...

Happy happy birthday! You do realise it goes for at least a week. The Festival of the Birthday. You get to do nice lunches and buy yourself something spesh.

No ifs or's a RULE.


Robin Kent said...

I agree with Gillian. A week celebration is the norm when you reach this age. And the older you get, the more days you add to the birthday observance. Of course, you can hum it quietly to yourself if need be.
Sounds like the neighbors were throwing you a surprise party. Gets dangerous for geezers when the candles start mounting up. Glad the pets weren't hurt. The best present of all!

yoborobo said...

Happy Birthday, Cindi!!!!!!!! This is your birthday week, so you MUST spoil yourself. I tell all my friends to buy themselves a gift, and I do it, too. Last year I bought myself this beautiful silver ring on etsy - LOL!! I just eat noodles for a week or two after. ;) Thank GOD no one was hurt during that fire - how scary! I hope this birthday was more tranquil. :) Thank you for being such a sweet friend, and I am so happy I met you here. I wish I could take you out for some birthday fun (we could pick up Georgina on the way!). Of course, we would be thrown out of any place we visited, but we'd have fun until then! I wish you the best year ever, filled with your every heart's desire. xoxo!! Pam

jaz@octoberfarm said...

what a great post and a great story. thank you so much for the advice! i tell my family all the time that you better be your own doctor before you trust another one!

Sandy Mastroni said...

CIndi !
I'm not too crazy about my birthday ... I usually reschedule my jury duty so I have to go on my birthday .... so I can be REALLY miserable ... ha ha
Happy Birthday Cindi
I'm a day late wishing you this , so I wish you a HAPPY day EVERY day !