Saturday, May 15, 2010

Life is Good

SO! I got this Award from Autumnforest, she was given
 10 questions to answer and then she was to pass it on and those people are to answer the 10 questions she came up with. She thought it was fun and loved learning about folks.
Here are her questions and my answers:

1. What celebrity would you like to have as a real life sister or brother?
Answer: Well, maybe Oprah, so that she could throw me some cash. But really Meryl Streep. Besides being an awesome talent. I think she would be a kind and fun sister and she could take me on location to her movie sites! LOL!

2. What was the first career you imagined for yourself when you were a kid?
Answer: Horse ranch owner/Artist

3. Given a free first class flight round trip anywhere--where would you go?
Answer: Paris France

4. Which character on Gilligan's Island are you most like?
Answer: without a doubt - MaryAnn

5. What would you like to be famous for doing, making or being?
Answer: Artist

6. Who do you think is the most frighteningly influential and asanine person in the public eye?
Answer: On the Grand Scale: Osama bin Laden of course. On a very small tiny scale, as in "crap on the bottom of my shoe": Ann Coulter

7. Are you a breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert person?
Answer: I ADORE breakfast but life isn't worth living without DESSERT!

8. Cheap mass produced beer? Import beer? Or local brewery?
Answer: UGH! I HATE all beer! so...
Seagrams 7 Whiskey or Blue UV Vodka depending on whether I have Pepsi or Sprite in the house! LOL!

9. What do you most want to change about you, Physical? Mental? Spiritual? Emotional?
Answer: Physical-My weight, Mental - my memory, Spiritual - I'm OK, Emotional - not to CARE so much that it hurts or haunts me.

10. Boxers or briefs or boxer briefs? (for you or your man--depending on which sex you are)
Boxers...I'm willing to bet that's what George Clooney wears! LOL!

So then I pick some people (Lucky you!) and I am NOT being lazy but I love these questions, so I am passing them on (and off) as my own! LOL!
So, same questions to :
1. tee hee, I want to see your answers to your questions!
2.  Georgina
3.  Pam
4. Jennifer
5. Magaly

It is fun! Sorry if you didn't want an award but....Hey, you girls popped up in my mind first! LOL
So, after you answer them, if you would like to pass some new ones on!
XOXO  - Cindi


Autumnforest said...

I'll give you my answers right, I wasn't expecting to have to answer them so I made them tough...
1. Lewis Black as a cranky uncle or Neil Patrick Harris as a baby brother.
2. Cartographer--I wanted to draw maps.
3. I'd be going to Scotland.
4. I wish I could be a hybrid...I'm probably most like MaryAnn cause I'm bubbly and sweat, but I'm also part Professor and Ginger... Oh heck, my buddies would say I'm Gilligan cause I'm always getting into mischeif.
5. I would love to be famous for writing serial horror books made into movies (Twilight series only scary and well written and better overall in acting, production, and oh hell--how did that series get famous???)
6. I'm scared of so many on the right, but I think the one that is absolutely chilling to me is...who the hell is that fat little dude from 700 Club? Pat Robertson? He's like a little Hitler...
7. Syrup makes me nauseous--definitely a lunch gal. I like the salads and sandwiches and light stuff.
8. Local brewery.
9. Right now I'm focsed on the physical cause I'm getting myself back into my modeling body. It's ridiculously hard but I'm learning a lot about myself doing it.
10. Boxer Briefs...I love the way they hug a man's thighs and butt.

The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...


Oh no you did not girl! Questions, oh my!

It is funny! hehehehehe!!!!!!!

Okay I will do this.

Silly girl you!



yoborobo said...

Ooooh, this is fun. :) I will think on these and try and remember to post about this (hahaha). Thank you for thinking of me...I think! xoxox!

Georgina said...

You jus' too fonny, lady!!! Like the questions, but mum on the answers!! LOL Thanks for the award...I need lots of awards these days!! I just might give this one another try...different questions...what the heck, I'm already sooo out there!!


Pattee said...

Wow were you ever busy on your "vacation" Lol! You've got work ahead of you now : ) Love Estate Sales!

Thank you for your post on my blog... yes when I saw those vikings... it hit me a blast from my childhood!

Pattee : )