Saturday, May 29, 2010

What to do FIRST!

I'm so excited to have a THREE day weekend off! Without having to use any of my vacation time!!!!
WaaHoo! I have always scheduled Holiday time with the other girls so that each of us worked part of the Holiday. But I recently had it pointed out to me by the other managers (Office and Tech) that they scheduled the part-time people for those hours. They told me that I had put in my dues and the "youngsters" can cover the hours. I guess I've always been so concerned about everyone getting time-off that I had forgotten to think of myself. So I have ALL THREE DAYS of to enjoy! (barring any emergency phone calls.)
SO! What to do first!? I need to get outside and work out in the yard, weeding and planting the last of my annuals and finishing up the hanging baskets and working on the gate that I'm making. I also want to paint the picnic table and spray paint the old metal chair and touch up the birdbath and hang the iron hose rack and mow the patch of new grass in the backyard and of course the never ending poop-patrol and oh yes! I need to plant the Morning Glory seeds TODAY that my sister gave me!

Then I have so much to do inside! I have paint for the bathroom but first I have to remove the god-awful wallpaper border. I need to sort threw boxes and etc. in the basement and do a general cleaning throughout the house and I wanted to FINALLY finish a couple of my paintings and I'm almost to my 100th post and it's ALMOST a year of blogging! So I want to figure out a giveaway and Oh! Yeah, I need to work on photographing my vintage finds so that I can get my Etsy shop up and running and I want to ride my bike SOMETIME this weekend and I also want to......


sassypackrat said...

It's so delicious to have a long weekend off of work! Of course it sounds like you are going to go full tilt on home projects, but do take some time to just relax too!

Autumnforest said...

Time off? Is it really? Do like the kitty in the last picture and daydream... Have a great time! Enjoy it! I can totally relate. I haven't had 3 days in a row off in 2 years!

Georgina said...

You get some rest and lots of it!! You deserve it, lady. Hey about some little art projects to the list..just drop the house cleaning for that!! LOL

Have a great weekend.


yoborobo said...

Woo Hoo! Three days off! :) You deserve it. I hope you don't work too hard. Pencil in some art fiddling time, or napping with your crew. :) Have a great weekend - xoxo! Pam

Jan said...

Cute blog! I love all your photos. I have never been here before, jumped over from Pam's blog, yoborobo. Your swimming cat made me laugh out loud! Come visit me, I have llamas!

Suzie said...

LOL You remind me of when my kids were little. During their naptime, I never knew whether to take a quick snooze myself, or use the precious time to get things done that I couldn't do when they were awake.

If you find pleasure in your projects that you have planned, then by all means do them, but if they are more like "work", then make sure and carve out some fun time for yourself. .the projects will wait.

I realized the other day, when I read your post on your bridge, that you live about 200 miles from me! We go through your general area when we go to Rochester MN every 90 days. We live in Michigan, and go over into Iowa and then north, rather than fight all of that traffic and construction in Chicago all of the time. lol

It's nice to know that we are "neighbors"!