Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Senior Day!

It was "Blue Tag Day" at Goodwill. Blue tags - half off
It was "SENIOR" day at the Salvation Army. 50 and up - 20% off
Wow! Senior usually means 65 around here. But I thought, what the Hell! I'm don't care!
I am what I am! and I can save 20%!!! So I dig around my handbag for my I.D. My entire life people have been thinking I'm younger than I am. I kinda have that Sally Field look....well, I don't LOOK like her but I have that kind of nose and people are always very surprised at my age. Last year the new girl at work gave me a dirty look when it was her 40th birthday and I said "WOW! 40!". Later I asked if I had upset her in someway and she said "Well yeah! Like you think I'm old because I'm 40!" I started laughing and told her NO, I meant "Wow 40! I wish I was 40 again!" So I'm telling you this because this stuff has always happened to me. I get it from my Dad. He always had this Baby-Face.
So... I'm digging for my I.D. when the clerk says "are you 50?" not "YOU can't be 50!"  OUCH! So much for me not caring!

So I said NO! I'm 53! God dang it! I had done it again! I still think I'm 53! (I'm 52, FIFTY-TWO) But I'm working on it!
I wanted to tell her to hurry up so that I could catch the Early Bird Dinner Special! LOL!
WoW! My first senior discount......


Autumnforest said...

Well, that's a great thing. Imagine of someone assumed you were a senior and didn't ask for ID. I think I'd just crawl under the table and hide.

oldblackcatboo said...

LOL! To be honest, I can't be too upset. The clerk was probably 20-something and to those "youngsters" anyone over 30 is ancient!

sassypackrat said...

I look much younger than I am too. A lot of times people think I'm my son's older sister because we look so much alike. I think I'll be pretty disappointed when I start looking my age!



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