Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Birds

I remember watching the Alfred Hitchcock movie "The Birds" when I was just a kid. While movies like

"Thomasina" and

 "Lassie" left me balling my eyes out, they just reinforced my love for cats and dogs.
I gotta say "The Birds" had the opposite effect on me. When they were all lined up on the clothesline and then flying after the school children who were running in terror. Yeah, I didn't really want a bird.

The only real bird that I encountered was at the old Seed and Feed Garden/Pet store.
They had an old St. Bernard that was always just laying there sleeping and then this Huge Bad-Ass Parrot that sat on his perch and SQUAWKED if you got any where near it. I had been warned to stay far from it or it could "snap your finger off!"

So, you can see why I was never a big fan.
Then I found this big rusty old black birdcage that sits on a stand at an estate sale. I looked at it several times but passed it up. On the last day of the sale everything would be marked down half price, but unfortunately I had to work. I asked a friend if she happened to stop at the sale, would she check and see if it was still there.
So she shows up at work with the birdcage and said it only cost $2.50! I took it home and plan to sand off the rust, prime it, spray it white (of course! LOL!) and then I thought I'd maybe paint a design or swirls in black...I'm not totally sure yet, but......I started to think about getting a bird!
But do birds get lonely? Do they need someone to keep them company?

or is it a more the merrier kind of thing?

I went over to that Garden/pet store today. The parrot and the dog of course are both gone.
Just some very sad looking birds, parrots with feathers missing, a flock of parakeets and this cutest little canary....

I think I would want a canary...if I got one but what about Harry?
Ya know he's not REALLY a cat. I'd probably have to padlock it and hide the key!


and what about my other cats? would they torment the bird, stalk her?
and what about my dogs? would they knock over the birdcage?
Maybe I should get a bird from Nicole!
Her birds don't eat much, don't scatter seeds everywhere and never try to fly away!
You can find them at her etsy shop :


yoborobo said...

You are so funny, Cindi! :) I have had all kinds of birds over the years (but not now). A big old parrot would probably show Harry who is boss, but the little guys, like the zebra finches, well, they don't stand a chance. When my daughter had her parakeet, I had to make sure her bedroom door was closed so my cats wouldn't stalk the poor thing. Then I felt sorry for him, being alone in there, so I put on music, and 'visited' him several times a day. And I did lock his cage door (with a clip), on the off chance that they would get in there and knock his cage off the table. So maybe get a couple of Nicole's adorable birds and put them in the cage - that would be so cute! :) Oh, and if you get more than one zebra finch, you will have lots of children. I had a couple that laid a gazillion eggs. They are adorable, though. :) As for dogs, Gizmo doesn't have the energy or interest. Sophie would swallow them whole. Little appetizers. haha! xox

Mealy Monster Land said...

ahhaha. the birds!! what a great movie, I am sure it ruined birds for lots of little kids at the time.
hope you let us know what you do with the bird cage!! thanks for posting my birds. :)

sassypackrat said...

I do not especially like birds, especially large ones. Yes I do think the movie The Birds has influenced me in this respect. A pigeon tried to kill me once on the EL platform and I narrowly escaped with my life! There are some evil birds out there so watch out!
My kids had finches when they were younger which didn't freak me out but I discovered I'm severely allergic to birds. I had to keep the poor things locked in a room away from my 3 cats. If you do get some don't get just one they get lonely.

Georgina said...

I love that movie, "The Birds!!" It was one of my favorites. I like watching Alfred Hitchcock movies because I enjoy looking for him as he does a short cameo...kind of like "Where's Waldo."

As for birds, don't get me started. I used to love them till I moved into an apartment after my divorce. The grounds were beautiful, lots of trees and grass, but having the trees growing right outside you door was a huge problem. Guess what would come and roost at night in the nearby trees?? Guess what was on the sidewalk the next morning?? Guess who had to run wearing a newspaper on her head when she came home in the evenings not to get bombed...splat??? The mess was cleaned up every morning except weekends....yu-cko!!! My poor neighbor, 83 at the time, slipped on it one day coming back from the groceries...thank God she didn't break anything.

My husband planted huge pine trees, long before we knew each other, and they of course, draw the white tailed doves. The people across the street have a huge non-bearing mulberry tree and that attracts the black grackles. Funny, it's like "Westside Story," around here...the doves on one side of the street and the grackles on the other!!!

So you know how I feel about birdies....plplplplplpl!!! Need a cat!! LOL


teddy bears Marin to Venice said...

Hi.... that to say... I think that Sophie with Very cunning look would eat birdie!


LadyCat said...

"The Birds" was a very scary movie!
We have a small collection of old bird cages and keep them for decoration only. I would rather the birds fly free than be caged.
Nicole's birds are so cute...I'm going to check out her website.

Autumnforest said...

I have to admit that scene with the blackbirds on the jungle gym outside the schoolhouse...I get tons of blackbirds in my yard and I scare them away. They can be aggressive and I have visions of being chased into the house. I like the bird sculpture the best--no maintenance. Got an award for you...


Gawd.... I don't trust ANY animals.... is this weird??? I mean.....NONE.....the entire animal kingdom freaks me out. I should get this checked out actually.....:D

oldblackcatboo said...

Yes Junker! Get that checked out!
I trust my dogs more than most people....possible all people.