Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesdays Helpful Pet Tip #6

                         Belly Bands!

My little boy dogs have starting lifting their legs and marking around the house! Thank God Blue doesn't do it or I'd be flooded out of my home. I do cover my good furniture in sheets and I don't have carpeting, so all that helps. They don't do it all the time but even once in a while and I just want to got ballistic! So, one day at work this little dog comes in with a belly band on. I took a look at it and made a quick sketch so that I could go home and make one (several) for my little boys. Apparently you can also insert a sanitary napkin or an adult diaper pad inside and that will hold the urine and you won't have to wash the band constantly. I'll be using the sanitary pads, NOT the adult diaper...I don't want to get caught buying those at Target. I might be FIFTY-TWO but I'm not quite ready for those yet!

I found these instructions on on how to make Belly Bands

Step 1- Measure the circumference of the dog's belly. Place one end of the measuring tape on the dog's back and wrap around its belly.
Step 2- Cut a strip of flannel the same length as the dog's belly. This is the main part of the belly band. Use a festive pattern or bold color for added fun. Fold the flannel over once or twice lengthwise for added reinforcement.
Step 3- Stitch along the edge of the flannel with a sewing machine to hold the folds in place. Hand sew the outer edge of the belly band with a needle and thread if you don't have a sewing machine.
Step 4- Sew on the Velcro. Place the rough side of the Velcro on one end of the belly band. Sew it on the band with a sewing machine or by hand. Place the soft side of the Velcro on the opposite end of the belly band. Sew that piece of Velcro on as well. The two pieces need to fit together to connect the band around the dog's belly.
Step 5- Put the belly band on the dog. Place the belly band around his waist and fasten the Velcro. Make sure the tip of the dog's penis is fully covered

If I just had one dog, I'd probably just buy one off of Etsy or Ebay. But since  I have several little dogs, I will be making my own. I can of course color coordinate them that way and you know I LOVE that. LOL!
But there is quite a selection out there, so many colors and styles! I even found one that would be perfect if my friend  Pam's little dog ever needed one! - LOL!


yoborobo said...

Cindi! LOL!! I love the pirate one - hahah! And Gizmo does need one, every now and then. I guess it's the 'little dog' thing? What a great idea, especially if you have little dogs in the house, and you have to go to work, etc. Are you going to show us the ones you make? ;) xox!

sassypackrat said...

This is too funny! I never knew something like this existed. Can you use them on girl dogs too? My Lita for some reason wants to destroy my dining room carpet! We will be tearing it up to only have the hardwood floors soon.

oldblackcatboo said...

HA! HA! Pam! I thought you'd like the skull one! I thought of you instantly when I saw it! And yeah, I think I will show my bands when I get them made (that will force me to hurry up and do it! LOL!)

oldblackcatboo said...

Sassy, I did see some for girl-dogs!
I'm fortunate (knock on wood) that my girls don't do that in the house or if they can't hold it, they run to the potty pad....but I will find that and post it and I will also post the WONDERFUL potty pads I use. (They are machine washable so it's not such a waste and MUCH cheaper!)

Georgina said...

Those are just too funny. I'm with Pam, love the pirate themed "chonees!" My babies are prone to do something under the table when their little world is turned upside down, ie. grandchildren who stay for a few days!! It's mostly Mr. Peanut, our cranky old man. Maybe I should try to make one for him when we have overnight visitors!!

Sent you an email. Need your professional advise on one my Chihuahuas. Gracias mucho!!


Mattydolls said...

LOL...good idea! My two boys are really good...but...that little she dog goes on the potty pad and of course the carpet!!! and then walks aroung like she did nothing wrong! lol

The machine washable pads sound good, must get some!


oldblackcatboo said...

Georgina! I knew you two would love the skull! Ha!
I hope my answer to your email helps out a little bit!

oldblackcatboo said...

Matty! I got the pads off of Ebay!
I'll look it up and post the vendor name and info for you (or I'll check to see if I have your email addy!) They are actually hospital type pads and/or for wheelchair-bound people that need some extra protection.
I have ordered several for my doggies and my friend has used the same vendor and we've both been very happy.