Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesdays Helpful Tip #5

                             Trimming Cat Nails
                     and Maybe Saving Your Furniture.
A cat doesn't set out to destroy the furniture on purpose. He just needs a place to exercise his nails.

Trim nails regularly. Have a friend hold the cat or kitten (it's best to start young, getting your kitten use to having its paws handled and its nails clipped).

Gently press on the pads of the paw and the nail will extract from its protective sheath. With a nail clipper (like the one you use to trim your nails) clip the end of the nail.

 Do not clip beyond the darken area that is a vein) Only the front nails require clipping.

Some other things that might help keep the kitties from destroying the furniture are:

Buy or make your own scratching post. A scratching post need not be a post at all. There are several inexpensive corrugated cardboard types that cats seem to love.

Purchase or grow your own cat nip to spread on either the post or box to make the scratching area even more enticing.

Making loud noises anytime the cat goes near the furniture. Clap hands loudly. Saying “NO!“ in a firm voice or blowing a whistle.

Put bubble wrap near the edge of the furniture. The popping noise may stop him from going near the furniture.

Attaching tape with the sticky side out on and/or around the furniture.

Cover scratched areas with aluminum foil. Cats don't like the feel of it.

Keep a spray bottle on hand to give kitty a quick squirt anytime she is near the furniture.

Use an indoor/outdoor dog repellent (it also works for cats). Spray the furniture with it. Spray rugs and carpet around the furniture as well. It requires regular reapplication but it can be effective.

When scratching, cats leave behind their own scent to mark their favorite spots. Remove the scent by cleaning the upholstery with a product like Nature’s Miracle.

Close the doors to rooms with upholstered furniture and keep the cat out of them.

When purchasing new furniture, try to find some with plain textures. Cats will be less attracted to them.

Cover furniture with slipcovers, blankets or sheets.

Play with your cat often and give it a lot of toys with which to independently play.

If nothing else seems to be working, consult your veterinarian. The last thing you want to do is declaw your cat because it is a very painful procedure. But some veterinarians can apply plastic caps to the cat’s claws. These will have to be replaced somewhat regularly, but at least it won’t destroy the furniture when it claws at it.


yoborobo said...

HI Cindi! That picture of the kitten with the person pointing at him is priceless! :)) Our 3 kitties seem to love the cat cardboard scratching posts. Although Opie (our latest rescue black cat) does love the leather furniture. I did use the spray, and it seemed to work. I hate the idea of declawing a cat! I would worry they would get outside where a dog (or fox, or coyote) could get to them, and they wouldn't be able to climb a tree. It seems mean to me. But then, my animals and kids have destroyed my furniture, so I don't have to worry too much lol!! xoxo pam

sassypackrat said...

I've never seen the plastic caps before. My cat doesn't have his front claws because he is a complete indoor cat and idiot when it comes to learning things. I didn't want to have them removed but he would have had to be locked in a bedroom all day and that's no life for a sweet kitty. His back claws do grow quite long and I have to trim them cause he'll dig them into you when jumping on or off your lap. I use a special cat nail clipper that only clips the very tips off.
Great tip post as usual!

The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...


hOW ARE YOU SWEETS? Love your post!!!

My cat does this to my couch ouch and it bugs me and I say no no and he runs up the stairs. He knows I don't like it. I think I'm buying him a present today for the scratching. Hmmmmm! Now he is sleeping on the couch with Brook. I's so cute when they sleep together. sO i'M DOING GREAT! I spent yesterday screaming like a hyena 7hrs in the bathroom. Can you believe that my god! I swear it was such an awful experience! Constipation is horrible especially 5 days of it after surgery. I felt as if an electrical deathly butt plug torturing me to death. Sorry for the info but lord my god. My boyfriend couldn't help himself he was laughing and I swear I want to rip the toilet apart. Then my cat want attention while I'm in the bathroom tearing my hair off yikes! I felt like a big lion ready to fight. Oh well it's over now and I'm sooooooooooooo happy and relieved. I'm eating a pear!

Tracie said...

Cool caps....if I had a cap he'd prefer purple, so I'd probably have to paint over one of the color choices....what size paint brush do you think that would take? Round or flat? ; )

oldblackcatboo said...

Hey Everyone! I personally don't think I'd ever do the plastic tips. I have too many cats and their nails grow so fast that I'm sure it would run into big $$$
So, I just trim them and cover everything with sheets. I have been putting them downstairs when I'm gone a lot. All that seems to help... that and the fact all my furniture is inexpensive, (PRICELESS) but inexpensive!
Hey Tracie! I'd use a paint marker for that one! LOL!
And Magaly! HA! If you can always tell me anything! LOL! Hey, we all gotta poop! HA! Ha! I'm so glad to hear that things are "moving" along well now! XOXO - Cindi